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Where can I get help if I am the victim of domestic violence in District 8?

2021. november 23. kedd

Useful information including phone numbers, websites and organizations.


Services available nationwide

NANE Association:

Helpline for abused women&children

+36 80/505-101 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 18-22h, Wednesday 12-14h)

Patent Association: Legal aid for abused women

+36 70/220-2505 (Wednesday 16-18h and Thursday 10-12h),,

Women’s Legal Aid Trust: Requesting support with legal costs and fees, such as duties, certified copies and translations, fines, penalties, expert opinion. Detailed conditions and application:

National Crisis Management and Information Telephone Services (OKIT): to be called if you need shelter

+36 80/20-55-20 (24/7 helpline service)

Hungarian Ecumenical Aid: Free online and personal assistance for victims of violence against women and for professionals who are in contact with them.

Victim Support Organization ‘Fehér Gyűrű’

Blue Line - helpline for children and youth: 116 111 (can be called 24/7 without STD and area code.)

National Police Headquarters (ORFK): 107, 112

ORFK Crime Stoppers: +36 80/555-111 Text messages to Budapest Metropolitan Police (BRFK) for hearing-impaired people to report crimes anonymously: +36 20/9000-107

National Ambulence Service: 104

Institutions in the 8th district

Family and child welfare services:

1081 Bp., Népszínház u. 22.

+36 1/333-0582, +36 1/333-0583

Fax: +36 1/210-9321

Temporary Housing for Families

1086 Bp., Koszorú u. 14-16.

+36 1/324-3004

Fókusz Social Community Space

Childcare, job search assistance, assessment by remedial teacher

1086 Budapest, Magdolna utca 47.

+36 1/788-6918


8th District Police Station

1086 Budapest, Víg u. 36.

+36 1/477-3700


NANE Association: Why do victims stay? Recognising domestic violence, providing effective support for victims. Budapest, 2006, NANE Association. available at:

NANE Association: Sexual violence. Information for victims, survivors and helpers. Budapest, KERET coalition against sexual violence, NANE Association. available at:

NANE Association: Sexual abuse of children. Facts, prevention, support. Budapest, NANE Association. available at:


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