Free dog waste collection bags

It is up to all of us, what kind of district we live in.

Józsefváros Municipality provides 100 free dog poop bags every month for dog owners of the district which can be collected at:

  • Infopoint on Kálvária tér (brown wooden cabin)
  • II. János Pál pápa tér (by the public bathroom near the playground)

Monday to Sunday

7am – 9am

12pm – 14pm

17pm – 19pm

Besides the above, you can also request dog poop bags from the district guards who patrol nearby dog parks and you will always find a few bags placed in the dog park, too.

Dog poop bags are available at the following places of the district:

  • Teleki tér
  • Golgota tér
  • Kálvária tér
  • Teleki tér
  • Horváth Mihály tér

Please, take this opportunity and help us keep the streets of Józsefváros clean – it is up to all of us, what kind of district we live in!

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