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Józsefváros Office of Community Participation

Our goals

Our goal is to strengthen the communities of Józsefváros and to involve local residents in collective decisions, because we believe that by sharing knowledge and creating meaningful dialogue, we can find new, creative, effective andfair solutions to our common problems. With this in mind, our principles
are the following:

  • clarity of information
  • transparency
  • accessibility
  • fairness
  • solidarity


In order to provide the residents of Józsefváros with fair and transparent information, our goal is to create customer-friendly platforms and channels for information sharing, and to make sure that municipal processes are understandable and transparent. This is how we ensure that all citizens have access to the information that is important to them.


Our task is to ensure that the leadership of Józsefváros implements meaningful consultation processes before making important decisions that significantly affect the lives of local residents.


It is also our job to plan and support events that create dialogue between the municipality and local communities, including community meetings and public hearings.

Joint decision-making

In order to develop a partnership between citizens, civil society organizations and the municipality, we also develop and oversee processes that make joint decision-making possible on certain issues, including participatory budgeting and community-based planning.

Get in touch with us if you

  • would like to be regularly notified about the community events and participatory processes of the municipality;
  • have any complaints, comments or demands regarding the clarity of information, transparency or accessibility;
  • are a member of a vulnerable group (e.g. elderly, disabled, minority, poor, female, homeless or refugee/migrant) and you feel that it is important for the municipality to give special attention to the views and needs of your group;
  • wish to initiate a community forum or event and you need additional help and support;
  • are a member of a civil society organization or considering the foundation of one, and you would like to be informed about local opportunities and participate in the local civic dialogue;
  • wish to become a volunteer andhelp the creation of a local participation program.


Mayor’s Office of Józsefváros Municipality (Baross utca 63-67.) Ground floor 3/1

Phone: +36-1-459-2139



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