Multicultural Józsefváros: tell your story!

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Multicultural Józsefváros: tell your story!

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The story of Józsefváros is our story. For the fourth time, the storytelling series My Józsefváros welcomes participants and listeners on 26 October 2023 in Népszínház utca.

The choice of location and theme goes hand in hand - there is hardly a wider showcase for the multicultural Józsefváros than the legendary Népszínház utca.

Today, there is no doubt that cultural diversity is a great asset - it teaches us to be attentive, tolerant and cooperative. You could say: the world and history come to your house.

Józsefváros is perhaps the most diverse district in Budapest, and it is certainly this diversity that is one of its main attractions, and even its strength.

But how does all this translate into public spaces, gastronomic habits and entertainment? How do small and large groups of people interact and influence each other? How many funny situations, lifelong encounters and gigantic misunderstandings are the result of so many different cultures and communities living together in such a large area? How do so many people communicate, quarrel, make up, do business with each other?

Now anyone can tell their story.

We welcome both storytellers and listeners

Got a good story? Would you like to share? Curious to hear other people’s stories? Know someone who should be there? Do you have a story that you think is unmissable? Would you like someone else to tell your story?

Whether you want to tell or just listen, we welcome you!

Admission to the program is free.

If the story is in a foreign language, a Hungarian interpreter will be provided whenever possible.

The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Date: 26 October 2023, Thursday 18.00

Location: Népszínház, 1081 Budapest, Népszínház u. 26.

Between stories, poems, readings, live music performances, food and drinks.

How can you sign up to be a storyteller?

At the Office Community Participation's public storytelling evenings, anyone can tell their favorite, most exciting, funniest or most memorable story in 5-10 minutes.

You don't need to be a professional speaker or a skilled actor.

The point is to share the special anecdotes and stories of Józsefváros with people who know the district from personal experience and everyday life.

Send your story by email to by Friday 20 October 2023.

We will then contact you and help you to take the microphone with confidence and tell your story the way you want to.

Have a good story but don't want to be featured?

At the end of your email, write "for reading" and "with or without name".  These stories will be

collected, printed out and will be free to read at the My Józsefváros events.

Would you like someone else to tell your story?

At the end of your email, write "to be read", "with or without name". In this case, someone else will tell your story at the event.

You don't want to tell a story, but would like to hear someone else's story?

You're very welcome - you don't have to have a story to take part. We're looking forward to hearing from the best listeners, if you'd like to get to know your neighbors from a different angle.

Got a question?

Call us at +36 1/459 2139 or email

If you contribute, your story will be added to the oral history collection of the Józsefváros Museum and thus to the history of Józsefváros.

The patron of the event is Gergely Litkai Karinthy-ringed comedian.

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