Traffic calming in the Magdolna quarter to start in October

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Traffic calming in the Magdolna quarter to start in October

The new traffic regime is expected to come into force at the end of October. This will involve the installation of new traffic signs and several traffic diversion devices in the quarter. Over the next few weeks, we can expect to see the clearing of pavements, the installation of bollards and the painting of various road signs in the Magdolna quarter. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during the construction period! If you don't want to miss the exact date of the new traffic order implementation, please subscribe to the RÉV8 newsletter at

Construction is due to start in early October. The works are expected to take several weeks, but changing the traffic order of an entire neighbourhood requires a lot of organisation. The traffic pattern in Józsefváros has changed a lot in the last 15 years. Just think of Mátyás tér and Tavaszmező street, which is now a pedestrian zone. Another good example is the Palotanegyed, where the new traffic regime was introduced in several phases, and no one remembers that Mikszáth Square used to have a car park. Experience has shown that drivers adapt quickly to the new situation and after a few weeks traffic flows smoothly under the new regime.

The plans include the following main interventions:

- the new traffic management of the streets will filter out motorists who only want to drive through, thus reducing the volume of traffic,

- the introduction of a 30 km/h zone in the quarter will slow down vehicle speeds,

- in several streets, it will be possible to avoid parked vehicles taking up part of the pavement, thus facilitating pedestrian traffic.

We will install traffic engineering devices to facilitate compliance with the new traffic order regulated by traffic signs, which are still new in Budapest but are already common practice in other cities.

The work will start with the repainting of parking lanes where parking is removed from the pavement. This will affect parts of Magdolna, Lujza, Dankó and Szigetvári streets, and will change the parking arrangements on several streets. Vehicle owners will be notified in advance by leaflet to leave the work area clear. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

In addition, we will be painting traffic exclusion areas and installing bollards to narrow the roadway, thus slowing down vehicle speeds. As a result, the pavements will be wider and there will be comfortable access for pushchairs and wheelchairs. We will reduce the width of the crossing for pedestrians, so pedestrians will need to spend less time on the roadway and cross more safely.

We are making zebra crossings safer! We are narrowing the crossing space for pedestrians at three priority crosswalks: 2 crosswalks on Karácsony Sándor Street and 2 crosswalks at the intersection of Népszínház and Dobozi Streets.

We want to break the long straight path of Magdolna Street, so we will install traffic diversion devices at three intersections. This will change the direction of traffic, so that it will not be possible to drive through the quarter easily and at speed. This will filter out some of the through traffic.

The new traffic regime will be continuously monitored in the quarter using the traffic counting devices that we have installed in several places during August. This will allow us to measure how traffic in the quarter has changed as a result of the new traffic management.  If you want to see how traffic is currently in the Magdolna quarter, visit the website of the City and Mobilities Institute.

If you have any questions about the traffic calming in the Magdolna Quarter, please contact

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