Local residents will decide about 180 million HUF in the 2024 participatory budgeting

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180 million HUF in the 2024 participatory budgeting

According to the decision of the Council of Representatives on 21 September 2023, residents of Józsefváros will be able to submit ideas for spending HUF 180 million in the 2024 participatory budgeting.

This means that the budget will increase by HUF 30 million from 2023. An important change is that next year the same amount of money – HUF 45 million – will be available for the whole district as for the other three zones (previously, the amount available for the whole district was less than the rest).

The total budget for next year’s participatory budgeting is HUF 200 million, of which HUF 20 million is set aside to finance any cost increases for the ideas voted on, so that no project can be delayed due to a slight increase in expenditure in the meantime.

2024 will be the third participatory budgeting in Józsefváros.

The popularity of the project is reflected by the fact that twice as many people took part in the participatory budgeting process in 2023 than the previous year, and the number of people who voted in person nearly quadrupled compared to 2022 (916 people voted online this year, while 549 in person). You can view the winning ideas here.

In addition, an important element of participatory budgeting will be added in 2024. The Municipality of Józsefváros is launching a new innovative program: it plans to implement children’s participatory budgeting in autumn 2024 as part of the JóKer – Children and Youth Participation Program. Within this framework, young people and children living in the district will be able to propose ideas for the spending of HUF 30 million.

Based on this year’s experience and feedback from participants, the Office of Community Participation staff will continue to develop the project’s methodology. You can find all the information about participatory budgeting in Józsefváros on reszvetel.jozsefvaros.hu and on the municipality’s website. Follow the implementation of the winning ideas and get involved in next year’s decisions!

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