Opening of Víg utca – September 16, 2023.

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The traffic behind the Rákóczi Market Hall will be changed in the first half of the month, street furniture will be placed on the street and a joint asphalt painting will be held.

The opening of the street will be at 13:00 on Saturday 16 September 2023, with a fair and pottery session. And in November, we will also build the raised beds!

Egy Vígabb utca (More Cheerful Street) was the winning idea of last year's participatory budget. The idea was to redesign the section between Déri Miksa utca and Vásár utca in order to make the street more welcoming and to find new owners for the vacant shops.

This spring, together with the residents, we brainstormed on how to organise the street and also talked to local businesses and institutions. This led to a plan that will be built in two phases this autumn.

First, in early September, we are introducing a new traffic order. The section behind Rákóczi tér will be closed to cars and parking, creating a pedestrian and cycling zone. This was discussed with residents, local stakeholders, and institutions in preparation for the implementation of the idea submitted in the participatory budget.

We are providing a time slot for goods delivery, when authorised vehicles can enter. It is between 6 am and 2 pm on weekdays and between 6 am and 10 am on weekends. Transit traffic and parking will be suspended. Vehicles carrying disabled persons and vehicles using distinguishing signs will still be able to enter the street at any time. The new traffic regime is expected to come into force during the week of 11 September. If you don't want to miss the exact date, subscribe to the RÉV8 newsletter at In the second phase, we will build raised beds, creating nearly 70 m2 of new green space in the street.

Rév8 has also launched a call for ideas to not only change the physical design of the street, but also to create programs in Víg utca. The winners will organise events in September and October.

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