Joining the Józsefváros Card program as an acceptance point

The Józsefváros Card program's mission is to support the citizens of Józsefváros with local discounts, and offer the businesses operating in our district the opportunity to increase their sales and exposure.
You can find the list of businesses that already participate in the program here.

Application process

If you are a local entrepreneur or business owner who would like to become a Józsefváros Card merchant, please read the terms and fill out the Application Form that you can find here and send it to the Mayor’s Office in the Józsefváros Municipality at 1082 Budapest, Baross utca 63-67.

Online administration

If you have any questions about the application, please reach out to us at

Department in charge: Office of Human Relations 1082 Budapest, Baross utca 63-67. 3rd floor, email:

Contact person: Gergely Rókusfalvy-Bodor, +36 1/459-2130,


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