Call for proposals: Józsefváros Community Day 2021

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Apply for our grant to organize and develop your community in Józsefváros. The application deadline is Monday, November 29, 2021

Józsefváros Municipality considers the diversity of the district’s communities an important value and aims to support neighborhood relations and to strengthen the cooperation of different social groups. Therefore, the Józsefváros Közösségeiért Nonprofit Zrt. in collaboration with the Office of Community Participation, announces a tender for the implementation of community programs to strengthen the cooperation between residents and communities.

The objective of the tender

The Community Day tender aims to strengthen and support the district’s communities and NGOs, organizations, residential communities, and individuals who also work to reach out and help the disadvantaged or minorities living in the district. In the tender, we are looking for community-building, cultural and educational program ideas to address the communities living or working in Józsefváros implemented in the district.

Terms and Conditions

What can you apply for? The tender budget is HUF 1 million, which may be used to implement community programs, with a maximum gross value of HUF 200,000 per idea.

The successful applicant will receive the requested amount as pre-financing to implement the program after the contract has been concluded.

A successful program idea:

– addresses the residents of Józsefváros

– is free of charge for participants

– is engaging, and interactive building on the active participation of the community e.g. community program, reading club, discussion circle, picnic, concert, recreational program

Who can apply?

NGOs, informal communities, individuals over the age of 18, non-profit companies, condominiums.

The programs are to be located:

In the squares, parks, streets, public spaces of Józsefváros, inner courtyards of houses, or even in private apartments. In the evaluation, preference will be given to applicants who implement their program in the Magdolna, Losonci, and Orczy quarters or the outer parts of the Csarnok quarter.

Timeline of program implementation: From 1 March 2022 to 30 June 2022 (observing the current epidemiological rules for the period in question).

Application process

Apply online by filling in an online form, which is available at

Those interested in applying can consult with the staff of the Community Participation Office about the details of the tender in person every Tuesday from 10 am to 1 pm, at Baross street 63-67.

Submission deadline: 24:00 hours, Monday, November 29, 2021

Selection process

The winning tenders will be selected in two rounds.

First round

The applications submitted will be checked by the cooperating professional partner of Józsefváros Közösségeiért Nonprofit Zrt., the officers of Community Participation of Józsefváros Mayor’s Office. Applicants who meet the formal and content requirements will be contacted. Applicants rejected for formal or content reasons will be notified by the staff of the Office. No final decision will be made in this round as to which applications will receive funding, as this will only be decided after a face-to-face meeting in the following round.

Closing of the first round: December 13, 2021

Second round

The Office of Community Participation staff will invite the applicants who have met the formal and content requirements to an interview and will initiate to connect those who submit any related ideas to the programs. The Office of Community Participation staff and the applicants that entered the second round will decide on the details of the implemented program and cooperation framework together in a joint workshop.

Closing of the second round, notification of winners: December 20, 2021

The cooperation will be coordinated, and the program plans will be finalized with the support of the Office of Community Participation staff between January 10, 2022 and February 1, 2022.

Conclusion of a contract

If the parties mutually agree to the framework of the cooperation, the contracting process between the applicant and the Józsefváros Közösségeiért Nonprofit Zrt. will start.

The applicant must undertake to organize and implement the program submitted, for which we will provide the requested amount after contract conclusion. They must prepare a professional report on the program’s implementation and document the implemented program in the manner specified in the contract (e.g. photo, video, attendance sheet, etc.).

Tenders are invited by Józsefváros Közösségeiért Nonprofit Zrt.

Professional coordinator: Józsefváros Municipality, Office of Community Participation

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Phone: Fanni Aradi, +36 20 526 45 78

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