Make a donation for the summer holiday of Józsefváros children!

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Thanks to the donations by the mayor, deputy mayor and local representatives one and half million forints are already available to support summer camping for children in the district.

The children of Józsefváros really deserve a carefree summer.

This year’s local financial resources did not make it possible to save money for the implementation of something that was so uncertain at the time of the planning of the local budget due to the restrictions of the pandemic. Now that it seems more possible that local children will be able to attend summer camp, we are looking for new solutions to fund this activity. Finally, it seems possible that it will be safe for the children of the district to attend a summer camp at our camp site in Magyarkút.

We need another one and a half million forints for the camps to take place.

Even the smallest donation counts:

– 2.500 forints cover the daily meal of a camping child.

– 5.000 forints cover the costs of a child’s daily accommodation

– 10.000 forints cover the costs of a camp supervisor per camp.

The bank account number where we welcome your donations:

Józsefváros Közösségeiért Nonprofit Zrt. 11784009-22229597-00000000

Please write “táborozás támogatása” in the comment section of the wire transfer.

Thank you so much for your help in advance!

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