Refugees from Ukraine – assistance from the Józsefváros Municipality

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Józsefváros Municipality stands in solidarity with the people fleeing the war in Ukraine and provides them with assistance as far as it can. (This news is constantly updated)


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Contact details of the Municipality of Józsefváros:

Toll-free number: 06-80-277-256 (weekdays between 8am and 6pm)

Donation center: Koszorú utca 4. (Lélek-Ház), phone: 06-1-612-7819.


If you are a refugee or assisting refugees and would like information about accommodation in the district, please call our toll-free number on weekdays between 8 am and 6 pm: 06-80-277-256!

If you are a refugee or would like to help refugees from Ukraine with in-kind donations, please call our toll-free number on weekdays between 8 am and 6 pm: +36-80-277-256.

Health care:

The St. Kozma Medical Center in Józsefváros provides medical care for refugees from Ukraine upon presentation of a passport. Contact: 22-28 Aurora utca, Budapest, 1084, Hungary Phone: +36-1-790 4720.

For information on urgent care, please visit:

You can find the contact details of general practictioners in Józsefváros here:

Ukrainian citizens fleeing Ukraine are entitled to emergency care.

Hungarian citizens fleeing Ukraine and asylum seekers are also entitled to a wide range of care (e.g. primary health care, general practitioners, emergency outpatient and inpatient care, antenatal and maternity care, patient transport, compulsory vaccination, oncology care, etc.)

Non-Ukrainian third-country nationals fleeing Ukraine are entitled to rescue and emergency care only

Hungarian workers of Ukrainian nationality are entitled to full health care and have a social security card.


Our district institutions can help with childcare in specific cases. Contact details and further information:

Józsefváros Unified Day Nurseries: 36-1-314 3696

Józsefváros Association of Kindergartens: 36-1-210 0086


A limited number of free parking spaces are available in the district for refugees arriving by car. Please contact the toll-free number number (06-80-277-256) for more information.

Changed operations in municipal institutions:

The current situation requires the reallocation of capacities in the institutions of the Municipality of Józsefváros. Where this involves a change in the location or timing of our program, the institution concerned will inform the public. Please follow our online channels of information!



Please call Shelter Foundation at +36 1 338 4186 (available 0-24) to inquire about accommodation options in Budapest. Further information:

Free wifi:

The Auróra community space, which is also one of Migration Aid’s collection points, offers free wifi to refugees in need. Contact: 11, Aurora utca, Budapest 1084


In-kind donations

For more information on in-kind donations, please visit:

Apply to volunteer:

If you would like to volunteer in connection with the Municipality’s activities to help refugees, please send an e-mail to with the subject “volunteering Ukraine”!

If you can volunteer to help the Municipality with Ukrainian or Russian interpretation or translation, please contact with the subject “translation Ukraine”!

Financial donations:

The Municipality of Józsefváros does not accept monetary donations for the care of refugees from Ukraine. However, several organizations are doing so:

Age of Hope (Erste Bank): 11600006-00000000-56705485 and GIBA HUHB HU251160000006-00000000-56705485

Budapest Bike Maffia (Magnet Bank): 16200151-18519259 and IBAN: HU46162001511851925900000000 – Swift BIC: HBWEHUHB

UNICEF has been present in Ukraine since 1997 and has been providing humanitarian assistance since the beginning of the conflict, i.e. for 8 years, and continues to do so now: providing safe drinking water, hygiene kits, first aid kits to the population in need and psychological support to traumatized children. In Ukraine, 7.5 million children are currently at risk. Anyone who wants to help can find information on their support page:

You can call the Hungarian Red Cross on line 1359 or make a transfer to account number 10405004-00026548-00000009 (it is important to mention humanitarian crisis in the message).

The Hungarian Maltese Relief Service has also announced that it is launching a collection to support its humanitarian actions. You can help by making a transfer to account number 11784009-20200776 or by making an online donation at or by calling the donation line 1350.

You can make a donation to the Hungarian Ecumenical Relief Organization at this link, and you can join the fundraising campaign of the Baptist Relief Service by calling donation line 1355 (300 HUF) or by transferring to account number 10918001-55555555-55555555 (with a statement from Ukraine).

From Friday evening, the national helpline is also live: the number 1357 will be available from Saturday, each call costs 500 HUF. In addition, an account number for donations has been opened: 11711711-22222222


Summary page of practical information:

Municipality of Budapest:

Collection page of all support groups:


Budapest Transportation Center (free public transportation)

MÁV (train)



Caritas Hungarica

Baptista Donation and Social Center

Budapest Bike Maffia

Hungarian Maltese Charity Service

Hungarian Reformed Charity Service

Ecumenical Charity Service


Hungarian Helsinki Committee


Migration Aid

Facebook group: Segítségnyújtás (Ukrajna, Kárpátalja)

Segítségnyújtás idős menekülteknek: Seniorcentrum (help for elderly refugees)



SINOSZ (accommodation and help for people with hearing disabilities)

Support Ukraine

Housing for refugees from Ucraine/Subcarpathia

Ukraine Shelter

Open Houses for Ukrainians in Budapest

Housing Coalition – Solidarity Housing for the long run


DiabErnyő (help for people with diabetes)

Duna Medical Center

LifeFlower – Консультація szülés körüli tanácsadás Ukrajnából menekülteknek (information around pregnancy)

Heim Pál Children’s Hospital (free medical help for children)

Mental health (Next Step Association)


Yettel (free pre-paid phone cards)


Turbina community space

Auróra community space

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