What to do if you see a rat in the district?

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Rat extermination is free of charge for the public.

What to do if you see a rat in the district?

Rat control is not a district responsibility, the RNBH Consortium does it on behalf of the Budapest Municipality.

Report rat sightings electronically through the following link set up by the Mayor’s Office for this specific purpose: https://patkanybejelentes.budapest.hu

Alternatively, you can report rat sightings by phone during working hours at 06-1-327-1448 and 06-1-327-1572.

Rat extermination is free of charge for the public.

How can the public help the rat control programme to succeed?

The exterminators must carry out the process without any difficulties. For this reason, please help them at on-site activities. After reporting a rat sighting, please provide all relevant information to the professionals arriving on the scene (e.g. the exact location of the rat sighting) and access to the property if necessary.

Please do not litter; keep our environment clean!

– Rubbish in the streets contributes to a rat infestation and increase in the rat population. Therefore, we ask you to put your rubbish in a bin. Keep household waste locked away.

– If you eat in the street, throw the packaging and leftovers in a bin, or take them home and throw them in your bin, especially if the packaging can be recycled.

– Put bulky waste only to designated areas and only at the time of bulky waste collection because a pile of bulky waste can provide nesting and hiding places for rodents.

Proper handling of food waste

– Please do not pour food waste into the sewage system because a sewage system loaded with food waste provides ideal conditions for the rat population. Instead, we ask you to carefully seal and wrap food waste and put them in the household waste container or compost where possible.Removal of rodent nesting and hiding places

– Keep the surroundings of your property tidy! Debris, brick rubble, piled up construction materials, heaps of hay and straw around buildings are convenient nesting sites for rodents. Storing them properly or removing them can prevent rat infestation.

– Store stacks of firewood at least 30 cm above the ground. Gather nuts and fruits as they fall from the tree in the yard or garden.

– Trim the underside of hedges and carefully pull out dry grass from underneath in the autumn.

– Place the compost in sealed compost bins and do not put animal waste in them.

– Dry pet food is attractive to rodents, so when feeding pets outside, give them only as much as your pet will immediately eat.

Keep our community tidy and clean!

Do not feed the pigeons!

Please do not throw breadcrumbs to pigeons and other birds because leftover food will attract rats.

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