A new name and more money for green tenders

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Local residents may find the green tenders of Józsefváros Municipality as Telkes Mária tenders from now on.

In order to ensure that as many public spaces, public institutions and programs of the district as possible are named after a woman, all tenders for climate protection of condominiums are collectively named as Telkes Mária tenders.

Another important change is that the allocation for the Telkes Mária tenders has been considerably expanded this year: up to 30 million HUF total. A further novelty is that the goals of climate protection have also been extended: six different types of green goals may be applied for by condominiums and housing cooperatives. Finally, there is no need to apply separately for the goals: one condominium is eligible to apply for a specific amount – maximum 1.5 million HUF – and indicate the modules in their application for which they intend to use this amount.The call for tenders and application forms are available at: https://old.jozsefvaros.hu/onkormanyzat/hirdetmenyek/palyazatok/1503

Tender modules:

“A” module: The green yard program

“B” module: The shading program

“C” module: The greening facades program

“D” module: The greening galleries program

“E” module: The bicycle parking program

“F” module: The rain barrel program

The condominiums and housing cooperatives located within the administrative area of Józsefváros, but not owned 100% by the municipality and, in case of the “F” module and single-family homes, have a garden, are eligible to apply for the tenders. The required own contribution is minimum 20% of the costs eligible.

Deadline for the submission of applications: May 15, 2022. In case the total allocation is not utilized by this date, the deadline for the second round of submissions: September 30, 2022.

A completed application form and its attachments, along with the signature of the empowered person are required for a valid application. The application form can be downloaded from the municipality’s website: https://old.jozsefvaros.hu/onkormanyzat/hirdetmenyek/palyazatokHow to submit the tender:

– as a private person through an authorized joint representative: to the District Management Department of the Mayor’s Office of Józsefváros (1082 Budapest, Baross street 63-67. 3rd floor 311) in person or by post

– as private entrepreneur or company through an authorized common representative by electronic means (on the electronic application form through Cégkapu (“Company gate”) available at https://ohp-20.asp.lgov.hu/nyitolap or on the so-called e-paper through the “Office gate” of the Office/Municipality). All documents should uploaded as PDF files. Please indicate the address of the condominium on the envelope or in the subject (e.g., Condominium tender_Baross street 63-67.)

Any further questions regarding the tender may be addressed to our colleagues via e-mail (zoldpalyazat@jozsefvaros.hu) or telephone (+36 1 459 2576; +36 1 459 2552).

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