Help us organize the Józsefváros participatory budgeting project!

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In 2023, there will be a new participatory budgeting process in Józsefváros, where residents of the district will have the chance to decide the fate of 150 million HUF. Participate in a unique process where we improve Józsefváros based on the ideas of residents and find solutions to the problems of the district together!

  • Become a volunteer organizer! Meet residents, help with ideas, voting and organizing activities and join a great team!
  • Participate in the working group that screens incoming ideas! It's up to you to decide which ideas make it onto the ballot. The residents' working groups will finalize the list of ideas to be put up for the vote. If you want to understand how local government works, this is the place for you!
  • Become a Participation Point! Do you run an NGO or a community space? At the Participation Points, residents can submit their ideas and vote in the Józsefváros participatory budgeting.

For more information and to register, please contact the Office of Community Participation at or  +36 1/459-2139

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