Let’s celebrate the communities of our district together!

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The  Office of Community Participation of Józsefváros Municipality, in cooperation with the Józsefváros Közösségeiért Nonprofit Zrt., is once again inviting applications for the organization of community events and programs that strengthen and support the ties among local communities. Application deadline: midnight on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

Józsefváros is a diverse district, where dense urbanization limits the living space of many neighborhoods to courtyards, narrow squares and street fronts. It’s not easy to change the way spaces are distributed, but it is possible to change the way people live there!

Our Neighborhood Fest call for proposals aims to give communities in the district the opportunity to organize events where they can get to know each other and get to know others. 

A cookout, gardening, music, board game party or street party? How would you show yourselves, how would you bring your neighbors closer together? Do you go to the same dog run, playground or exercise park, live in the same corridor and want to get to know each other better?

The Neighborhood Day call for proposals is open to ideas that are free, accessible to all and rely on everyone’s active participation. We are looking for applications from individuals, NGOs, informal communities, non-profit companies or condominiums who would like to address the communities living or working in Józsefváros with their program.

There will be two rounds of applications: applicants who meet the formal and substantive requirements will be met in person by the  Office of Community Participation staff, after which the final decision about the grants will be made. A maximum of HUF 200,000 per idea will be awarded under the program, which will be paid to the winning applicant after proof of completion. Once the contract is signed, the programs must be implemented between April 12 and July 31, 2023.

We encourage the communities of Józsefváros and the organizations working for the communities of the district to think, brainstorm and apply together! Please feel free to contact the Community Participation Office for further information and assistance until the closing date of the Call!

You can find the detailed call for applications here.

The online application form can be found here but you can also download it here.

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