Vote for the Office of Community Participation at the Creative Bureaucracy Festival!

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In the meantime, you can also learn about outstanding examples of modern bureaucracies from around the world.

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival puts excellent, creative solutions to community issues and the people behind them in the limelight. Everything from small adjustments to big visions for the future are highlighted! The festival represents a shift from a “no because” culture to a “yes if” culture that embraces experimentation and new ideas. In doing so, the festival aims to refresh public administrations and appeal to imaginative new talent. In 2023, the festival will return with the Digital Kick-Off Day on March 23, and the highlight event on June 15, live in Berlin.

Live Festival in Berlin – June 15, 2023

Every year over 1,000 international participants from government, politics, civil society and other change-making organizations join the Creative Bureaucracy Festival to share and celebrate outstanding examples of innovative public administrations. The festival returns on June 15, 2023 in Berlin to rethink principles, processes and practices of our public institutions. Last year, in 2022 the festival showcased over 60 keynotes, seminars, bowls and workshops as well as a variety of networking opportunities with more than 150 speakers from 43 countries. You can expect a similar diversity this year as well!

Digital Kick-Off Day – March 23, 2023

Prior to the live festival in Berlin, the Digital Kick-Off Day on March 23 will usher in a new year for administrative innovation with forward-looking ideas and projects. The online event consists of the entries selected by the festival jury from the annual Call for Participation. The audience will decide which six entries will be featured on the live main stage in June. Join the Online Opening Day on 23 March to see where and how public administration is being transformed to serve the needs of the people.

You can register for the Online Opening Day here (free to attend):

Community vote: vote for the Yózsefváros Community Participation Office!

The Municipality of Józsefváros has also submitted an application for the Creative Office Bureaucracy Festival. A total of 200 applications were received, from which 40 were selected for the Digital Kick-Off Day. Our application about the Office of Community Participation is the only one selected from Hungary to be showcased online.

If we get enough votes between March 16 and 23, 2023, we will have the opportunity to present our work live at the Berlin Festival. If you like what we do and support participatory self-governments, please support our entry with your vote!

This where you can vote for the Office of Community Participatipn: (The Office of Community Participation: Shifting Organisational Culture – everyone has one vote)

The Office of Community Participation functions as a catalyst for community-based social change in the 8th District Municipality of Budapest (Hungary). It was the first such office to be established in a local municipality in Hungary. As such, we have faced both the entrenched culture of rigid bureaucracy and the oppressive regime of the central government. Since its launching in 2020, the Office has been working to change the organizational culture in the mayor’s office as well as municipal institutions and companies towards a more open, flexible, citizen-oriented and participatory approach to delivering services and solving local problems. At the same time, the office is also supporting local residents and communities to become proactive, vocal and effective in advocating for their needs though community development and community organizing.

The Office will be presented at the Digital Kick-off Day by Tessza Udvarhelyi, the head of the office, on March 23, 2023 between 2.15pm and 3pm.

More information about the Office of Community Participation on the Festival website:

More information about the Office of Community Participation on the municipal website:

Sign up to watch this session live during the Digital Kick-Off Day on March 23:

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