The municipality decided on uniform rules for all dog runs in Józsefváros

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The municipality decided on uniform rules for all dog runs in Józsefváros

In the interest of the peaceful coexistence of residents with and without dogs, we consider it important to establish the rules and the opening hours for all dog runs in the district.

According to the decision of the Committee for Urban Management, Community Development and Environment in October 2023 the same rules will apply to dog runs in Józsefváros.

The municipality discussed the rules with the ZöldEb Association on several occasions.

In addition to the posting of the rules, an etiquette and information boards will also be installed in the dog runs – the new boards will be installed and the existing ones replaced within a few weeks. Thank you for your patience in advance.

The etiquette will summarise useful information and standards of behavior that will make it easier for dogs and their owners to use the dog runs, while the information boards will provide useful information and contact details for visitors to the runs.

The dog runs in the district are open from 0-24 hours, except for the small and large dog runs on Kálvária tér, where the dog run will be closed for the night due to complaints by residents (both runs will be closed from 11pm until 5am).

The dog run rules are the following:

1) It is strictly forbidden to visit the dog run with a sick dog (e.g. with diarrhea, coughing) or a dog in heat.

2) Only animals with the necessary vaccinations are allowed to visit the dog run.

3) The removal of dog poop from the dog run is compulsory.

4) Do not allow dogs to bark for long periods of time, and be mindful of the peace and quiet of residents in the area.

5) Do not allow dogs to dig holes. Pits can be a hazard to other visitors.

6) Do not consume food or drink in the dog run.

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