Construction starts on January 16 in Bacsó Béla utca!

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Construction starts on January 16 in Bacsó Béla utca!

On 16 January 2024, the executor will start to work on the section of Bacsó Béla utca between Vásár and Bérkocsis utca, marking the start of the construction. By summer, the entire Bacsó Béla utca will be renewed from Rákóczi tér to Népszínház utca. For first-hand information on the start of the next phase of construction, subscribe to our newsletter at

According to the plans, the section of Bacsó Béla utca from Rákóczi tér will become a pedestrian street up to Bérkocsis utca. In recent years, we have tested how it works as a pedestrian street, and then asked the residents if they would like it to stay that way in the future. More than 400 people filled in the questionnaire and the large majority were in favour of the idea. The section of the street between Népszínház utca and Bérkocsis utca has been in a very bad state due to the recent year’s constructions, so this section is also in need of a renovation.

Bacsó Béla

If you are interested in the plans and visuals of the street renovation, please visit

Bacsó map

If you have any questions about the renovation, please email or call +36 20 332 6163, weekdays 9-16.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation!

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