We reveal the winning ideas of the 2024 Participation Budget – This year, 180 million forints have been decided by the citizens of Józsefváros

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Winning ideas of the 2024 Participatory Budget reszvetel.jozsefvaros.hu Your money, your decision!

We thank everyone who took part in the 2024 participatory budget of Józsefváros as contributors, working group members, voters, volunteers, at the same time we thank the professional help of the municipality’s staff!

The voting was closed at midnight on Saturday 20 April. This year there were three weeks to vote: from 1 April to 20 April.

Of the 379 ideas submitted, 40 were put on the ballot paper. This year’s budget is HUF 180 million.

The online and paper ballots were counted and totalled by our staff and members of the Participatory Budgeting workgroup.

A total of 1365 people voted. Each person was allowed to cast five votes.

863 people voted online and 502 on paper and in person.

The list of ideas to be implemented by the Municipality of Józsefváros was drawn up in order of the number of votes.

A total of 11 ideas won this year.

In 2024, the municipality will implement ideas in each district for a total of HUF 45 million.

The winning ideas in District I (Palotanegyed, Csarnok negyed és Corvin negyed)

  • Surveillance camera on the corner of Népszínház utca and Fecske utca, 356 votes, estimated cost: HUF 4.5 million
  • Greening of streets in Csarnok negyed with raised beds: Bérkocsis, Auróra and Salétrom utca.  355 votes, estimated cost: HUF 20 million
  • A community space for people living with Parkinson’s disease and musculoskeletal disorders in Losonci negyed, 248 votes, estimated cost: HUF 20 million

The winning ideas in District II (Népszínház negyed, Magdolna negyed, Kerepesdűlő)

  • Community garden and open space at Magdolna u. 28., 354 votes, estimated cost: 30 million HUF
  • Pavement and street island works on a section of Nagy Fuvaros utca, 248 votes, estimated cost: 20 million HUF

The winning ideas in District III  (Losonci negyed, Orczy negyed, Ganz negyed, Tisztviselőtelep)

  • Green walls and green sails 354 votes, estimated cost: 10 million HUF
  • A chance for children: organising programmes for children living in Kőbányai út 22., 250 votes, estimated cost: HUF 8.5 million
  • Greening of Kőris utca, 236 votes, estimated cost: 15 million HUF
  • Brighter streets : Lósy Imre, Dugonics, Visi Imi and Füvészkert utca, 199 votes, estimated cost: 14 million HUF

The Józsefváros-wide, non-local winning projects that we are implementing:

  • To reduce menstrual poverty: more free sanitary pad vending machines in Józsefváros,  395 votes,estimated cost: 5.5 million HUF
  • New community space in central Józsefváros, 212 votes, estimated cost: 40 million HUF

The implementation of the winning ideas is expected to start after the decision of the local assembly of representatives in May. You will be informed by us after the assembly decision.

The closing event of this year’s Participatory Budget was held on the evening of 19 April at Teleki tér market.

You can watch the live video of the event here.

You can find more details on the Participatory Budgets page, and follow the implementation of previous years’ winning ideas here.

Once the official decision has been made, you can follow the implementation of this year’s winning ideas here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff:

Office of Community Participation

1082 Budapest, Baross u. 63–67.


+36 1/459-2139

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