Participatory projects – Report on citizen participation in the 8th District

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Research report and recommendations for Józsefváros about citizen participation by the student research team of Sciences Po.

This report outlines the research of the Sciences Po team on the background of citizen participation and the case studies surrounding the topic from different continents. This allows one to understand the roles that actors play on different levels and in various contexts. The aim of this report is to understand the relationship between key actors within the district and provide the municipality with possible changes in order to increase the participation of citizens, with a specific focus on marginalised communities.

Although the municipality of the 8th district has already implemented various participatory processes in order to increase citizen participation, they have encountered obstacles in enhancing the participation of marginalised communities. As the 8th district has a very diverse population, with large, marginalised communities, this is particularly unfortunate. Hence, we were presented with this challenge: How do we increase citizen participation of marginalised communities in the 8th district of Budapest? This report will outline our main findings and proposals for the active inclusion of marginalised communities through participatory processes.

This report by a student research team of Sciences Po includes a power map built by the team, which maps key actors and their respective powers within the district. Additionally, you will find a Theory of Change, which provides four key activities to enhance citizen participation. These tools will help the municipality achieve a healthier relationship between citizens (particularly marginalised communities) and the local government, with the objective that citizens of the 8th district will enjoy a prosperous and healthy life with both their material and well-being needs being met.

Thank you for the study to the auhtors! Founé DIAWARA, Michelle DJONG HUI ING, Manon FONSEGRIVE-BOURBOUSSON, Insaf HADDAD and Anastasia JONSDOTTIR

Thank you to those involved in the translation of the text! Dia Arnold, Zsófia Bálint, Klára Kovács, Nóra Ridavits, Dóra Tolnai and Zsuzsanna Sebestyén

You can download the report from here:

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