What can dog owners do for Józsefváros?

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A guide to being good neighbors with our dogs


As residents of Józsefváros, having clean, tidy and safe streets and off-leash dog parks available for all of us are not only a necessity but also our common responsibility. The municipality of Józsefváros prepared an etiquette for the visitors of off-leash dog parks with the help of Kutyabarát.hu,. Please read and follow these simple rules.


•   Prevent your dog from barging through the gate, running directly to the other dogs and their owners!

•   In case there are unfamiliar dogs inside, kindly communicate with their owners before entering the park.

•   Your dog should enter the fenced area behind you or next to you, with your permission, in a calm manner.

•   Only dogs that are healthy and behave well both with humans and dogs are allowed to enter the park.

•   Please do not visit the park if your dog is in heat, suffers from communicable disease or exhibits aggressive behavior.


•   Owners must intervene when their dog plays in a rough manner or vehemently with another dog, especially with smaller ones or puppies.

•   Keep your dog under visual and voice control when they play and prevent fights. If you think dog toys might create a conflict, do not play with them.

•    Do not allow your dog to jump on people – or on you!

•    Recall your dog if they jump on and disturbs other dogs to satisfy dominance or other needs!

•    Barking should be kept to a reasonable level both for the comfort of people living in the neighbouhood and for other dogs at play.

•    Keep an eye on your dog at all times – even if you are on the phone or talking to other people!


•    Call your dog away from the gate and do not allow them to go to the newcomer until the leash is taken off and the dog started looking around the park.

•    Do not allow your dog to rush at newcomer dogs or their owners!


•    The ‘Poop Fairy’ does not exist! Scoop the poop after your dog!

•    Do not allow your dog to dig holes because these may cause accidents!

•    Take care of the toys and equipment in the park(such as benches, bins etc.)!

•    Take care of the trees and bushes in the park! Do not allow your dog to ruin them!

•    Other dogs shall only be fed with the permission of their owners. Do not allow your dog to go near when another owner feeds their dog!


Please do not believe in the poop fairy and help us keep the public spaces of Józsefváros clean! As a Józsefváros resident, you are entitled to 100 dog poop bags for free, which you can claim at the following location upon presentation of your address card:

Infopoint on Kálvária téri (brown wooden building)

II. János Pál pápa tér (by the public bathroom near the playground)

Monday to Sunday

7am – 9am

12pm – 2pm

5pm – 7pm

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