Bulky waste collection in Józsefváros will take place between May 2 and 8, 2021

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The FKF waste management and street cleansing company will inform the population in advance and in writing when and how bulky waste is to be disposed by the residents.

Dear Residents of Józsefváros,

Bulky waste collection will take place between May 2-8, 2021 in District VIII.

The District was subdivided into smaller zones from where bulky waste will be collected by FKF on a given day.


Similarly to previous years, bulky waste collection will be carried out by FKF only on the day following the disposal of waste by the residents.

Residents will be notified in advance about the exact date to dispose their bulky waste via a written notification.

At the time of bulky waste collection only redundant large household waste items (e.g. worn-out and obsolete furniture, mattresses, carpets/rugs) are allowed to be disposed.

Items not considered bulky waste must not be disposed at the time of bulky waste collection.

The following items cannot be disposed: municipal/household waste, municipal waste collected selectively (e.g. paper, plastic, metal, glass), waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), construction and demolition waste (e.g. washbasins, baths, tiles and tile shreds, waste doors and windows), soil, flat glass, green waste, textile, any waste resulting from industrial or service activities, and hazardous waste.

Residents are asked:

✔      to place bulky waste in front of their homes on public places where waste collection vehicles of FKF can easily pick them up

●       not to place bulky waste behind parking cars as waste collection vehicles of FKF will not be able to get to and collect waste (apartment blocks should nominate once common place, if possible, where owners can place their bulky waste)

●       not to place bulky waste behind the poles (e.g. at the corner of 38-40 Népszinház utca and 2 Alföldi utca, or at the corner of 8 Vay Ádám utca and 1 Alföldi utca

●       not to place any bulky waste on green areas, and to protect their environment (e.g. Muzsikus cigányok parkja)

At the time of bulky waste collection, please do not dispose:

• municipal/household waste forming on a day-to-day basis

• any waste resulting from industrial, agricultural, or service activities

• hazardous waste

• waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

• construction and demolition waste

• tires

• green waste (tree branches or trimmings, leaves, grass)

• coal dust, ash, soil

• municipal waste collected selectively (e.g. glass, paper, plastic, metal waste)

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