Services of JEK Health Center suspended on April 22

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The Health Centre of Józsefváros will serve as a vaccination center between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 22

Due to the increased vaccinating tasks of the Szent Kozma Health Centre of Józsefváros, regular medical services are suspended.

Only pulmonary care services provided by the Tüdőgondozó are open for patients through a separate entrance. Neither lung screening nor services of laboratory will be available for patients.

Thank you for your patience and please take care of each other!

Website of Szent Kozma Health Centre of Józsefváros:

List of family doctors of Józsefváros:

Covid vaccine registration:

The Mayor’s Office of Józsefváros provides assistance to residents who wish to register for vaccine against Covid-19. If you need help, please contact us at our toll-free number: 06-80-277-256

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