Guardian Angels in Józsefváros WANTED

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Guardian Angels in Józsefváros WANTED

2020. december 10. csütörtök

You can help your neighbors by donating money, food and volunteering! Find out how!

This year many people will get even less than before: many Józsefváros residents have lost their jobs and other sources of income. For them, winter this year will be harsher than usual.

The good news is that even little things can be of great help. We are looking for enterprises, community groups and local citizens in our district to become the guardian angels of Józsefváros who could help their neighbors in need, so that this winter will be easier for them. In the spring, we proved that we can do this: during the first wave of the pandemic, we were able to support many people with the cooperation of Józsefváros residents and businesses. Now it is time for us to come together again. You can contribute to our joint efforts by supporting the solidarity fund, donating food or cleaning products, or even by volunteering.

Support the Solidarity Fund

The Józsefváros local government has established a Solidarity Fund to help those who got into a difficult situation due to the coronavirus and to buy protective equipment (such as masks and gloves) and disinfectants. Whether you are a company or a private citizen your support is much needed and appreciated.

IBAN number: HU88 1178 4009 1550 8009 1001 0000 (OTP Bank)


Please write “koronavírus” in the comments field.

Donors can ask for an official proof payment from the Municipality of Józsefváros or sign an agreement with us. If you would like to sign a contract, please let us know at

Donate nonperishable food products

Our team distributes packages among families and individuals in need including nonperishable food products and toiletries donated to the Józsefváros Social Services and Children’s Welfare Center. At our base in Kőris utca, we accept the following donations after preliminary consultation: pasta, flour, vegetable oil, canned food, sugar, rice, salt, instant soup and other basic nonperishable food items, toiletries, female hygiene pads, cleaning products and disinfectants.

Address: 1089 Budapest, Kőris utca 15.

Opening hours: Monday 2pm-5pm, Tuesday 9am-2pm, Thursday 9am-2pm

If you would like to donate to us, please send your preliminary notification to and we will get in touch with you.

Donate equipment for digital learning

The Kesztyűgyár Community House collects digital equipment for local students who have difficulties to take part in e-learning. Elementary schools did not close, but many people are still forced to stay at home, not to mention the kids in secondary schools who have to study at home now. We would like to help them, too. Please donate your used but working desktops, notebooks, mobile phones and tablets if you no longer need them, so that we can give these to less fortunate families in the 8th district.

You can bring your donations to Kesztyűgyár at Mátyás tér 15 Monday to Friday 8am-6pm

If this is not feasible, please write an email to and we will pick up your donation.

Sign up to become a volunteer

The growing team of our volunteers takes an active role in helping the community during the pandemic and beyond. They help the community by packaging donations, running errands and doing the shopping for the elderly and those in quarantine, posting posters and various many other activities.

You can sign up here to become a volunteer:

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