New disease control rules at the Józsefváros Mayor’s Office from October 25, 2021

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Please help us prevent the spread of the pandemic by complying to the rules below.

News reports indicate a steady deterioration of epidemiological data in Hungary. It is important to know that vaccinated people can also carry the virus and can get infected with COVID19 – although in most of the cases these patients have milder symptoms.

Many of our clients in Józsefváros are still not vaccinated. To support their vaccination, we introduced the COVID19 vaccination support: individuals protect themselves and all of us at the same time. Children, for whom there is no vaccine developed yet, and those who cannot get vaccinated for other health related reasons, are considered unvaccinated.

Therefore, the Mayor’s Office of Józsefváros has to prepare to protect its clients, its employees and each other during work. The joint notary-mayor’s instruction of 25 October on the ways of working and control measures during the state of epidemic serves this purpose.

What rules apply to the employees of the Mayor’s Office?

All employees of the municipality are obliged to wear an FFP2 mask in the common areas of the building. In particular, all employees who come into contact with any non-office staff members present in the building, are obliged to wear an FFP2 mask upon contacting the client, unless the contact happens in a closed room where there is a plexiglass divider between the employee and the client.

What rules apply to clients entering the Mayor’s Office?

Entering the building is controlled by Őrszolgálat for whom wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory.

In case the client does not wear a mask covering their nose and mouth, the employee of Őrszolgálat or the costumer service representative may request them to wear one. In case you do not have your own mask, the Office can provide it free of charge. In case you have a mask with lower protective standards than an FFP2 mask, we will offer you an FFP2 replacement mask.

We request clients to use hand sanitizer when they enter.

In case client does not abide by these regulations, they cannot be denied entry to the Office.

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