The call for ideas in the 2023 Józsefváros participatory budgeting is closed. What next?

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The first phase of the 2023 Józsefváros Participatory Budgeting has closed. Between February 1 and March 20, residents, students and employees in Józsefváros were invited to submit their ideas, which could later lead to proposals and solutions.

In the 2023 Józsefváros participatory budgeting, district residents can decide how to spend HUF 150 million. In order to ensure that resources are allocated to all parts of the district, Józsefváros has been divided into three zones. Ideas for these zones and the district in general could be submitted online and in person at the district’s institutions, at the Participation Points, at our public stands and at our brainstorming workshops.

During February and March 2023, we held three brainstorming workshops at the Grund, Kesztyűgyár and the TÖE House – many thanks to all the participants for their contributions! We also organized problem-solving walks in connection with participatory budgeting, among others with the Civilek a József utcáért group, the Tisztviselőtelepi Municipal Association, the Without barriers – for a barrier-free Józsefváros group, and a walk with dog owners. In connection with the participatory budgeting, we also organized the first Open Day of the Mayor’s Office to give the public an opportunity to get to know the activities of the office staff.

We consider it a great success that 238 ideas were submitted during the brainstorming phase, 226 of which passed the first formal filter and were published on the website. You can browse the ideas here >>>

What happens now?

The ideas received will go through a multi-stage screening and development process in April 2023 with the aim of ensuring that the final shortlisted ideas are equally well developed. The progress of the ideas can be tracked on the submission form on, and submitters will also be notified directly by email of the status of their ideas.

Once the ideas have been processed by the Mayor’s Office, they are sent to the district working groups, which are made up of volunteer residents of Józsefváros, the individual elected representatives of the three zones and the municipal staff who have pre-screened the ideas. They examine all the ideas received in the area and then recommend which ideas should be put on the ballot.

During the screening and development process, the original idea may be modified or given more precise and refined content. It may even be merged with other ideas and an estimated cost of implementation will be established.

Ideas that pass the screening process will be open for voting between May 15 and June 15, 2023. Voting will be possible online and in person. All residents of Józsefváros over the age of 16 can vote. Voting will be possible online on the website: Each person will have a total of 5 votes, two of which can be used in their own zone, one in each of the other two zones and one for the whole district.

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