Children’s Critical Mass in Józsefváros – April 21, 2023

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This year we are waiting for you again to demonstrate that we all love to move and that it is possible to get around without using gas!

Bring your scooter, bike, plastic motorbike and let's ride together from the nearby kindergarten to Rákóczi tér on Friday afternoon to celebrate Earth Day by singing together!

We are small, but loud!

Join one of the kindergartens and come with us!

Friday, April 21, 2023. Let's goooooo!

16:10: Katica Kindergarten - Rákóczi tér. We will pass by the Várunk Rád, Napvirág, Virágkoszorú és Százszorszép Kindergarten.

16:20: Pitypang Kindergarten - Rákóczi tér

16:20: Csodasziget Kindergarten - Rákóczi tér. Passing by the Mesepalota Kindergarten

16:30: TÁ-TI-KA Day Nursery - Rákóczi tér. Passing by the Mesepalota Kindergarten

16:30: Tünderkert Kindergarten - Rákóczi tér. Passing by Napraforgó Kindergarten

Arrival point and singing together:

17:00 Rákóczi tér

We welcome everyone!

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