Children’s Day in Józsefváros 2023

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Dear children and parents! We are looking forward to welcoming you again to the Children’s Day of the Józsefváros Municipality on Saturday 27 May at 10 am at Teleki tér! Come and play, dance, laugh and have fun!

Place: Teleki tér

Time: Saturday, May 27, 10am – 2pm

Individual programs

10:00-10:50  Fruzsina Kovácsovics concert

11:00-11:30 Stilt show

12:00-1pm Esther’s chain story band

1-2pm Giant bubble show

All-day programs:

10am – 2pm Cotton candy

10am – 2pm Kenderkóc Folk Playhouse

10am – 2pm Face painting

10am – 2pm Children’s day craft activities

TANGÓ project on Children’s Day

10am and 2pm TANGÓ detour: a wandering-walking task for young school children (1.5-2 hours) – anyone can walk individually at any time between 10am and 2pm

Recommended age: 7-12 years old (with family or accompanied by an adult)

Place to visit: Teleki László tér and its surroundings, Népszínház utca and its surroundings

You are welcome to join us for a playful activity and fun program with your parents and friends, where you can get to know the area, its customs, characters and typical games. We will start with two thematic walks (Discovering local merchants and crafts and Secret exit to the world of street games), which you can solve individually and if you get back to Teleki tér park on time, you will receive a unique souvenir card.

No need to sign up in advance, just look for us in the park!

10am – 2pm: This is how Teleki tér used to be: we will recall the history of Teleki László Square in the Park area. Take a walk around and find out how many different ethnicities and religions have found a home here, what was the history of the second-hand market, who were the cubists, what crimes were committed or how many times the square and the park were rearranged.

10am – 2pm Wanderer in the Park.

10am – 2pm Lounge in the Park for Parents: we could set up a lounging area for parents to lounge and read at their leisure, because this is a day for them too.

10am – 12pm Flea market with children’s vendors: from 10:00 to 12pm, we welcome children accompanied by their parents who would like to sell their old toys, books, magazines, clothes, plastic figures, their own drawings, clay figures, or anything they would like to sell or barter at this historic marketplace.

We would like to collect any outdoor toys, mainly for the sandpit, or scooters, small bikes, if you have any in good condition but surplus, we would appreciate it if you could leave them in the playground for the neighborhood.

The Sincerely Yours Space and the Tango project’s children’s day program

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