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Every year, the Municipality of Józsefváros honours individuals and communities of outstanding merit.

Starting in 2020, we will select the recipients through two different processes - one where the nomination is made by the residents but the decision is made by the Municipality, and one where the nomination and the decision are made by the residents, the latter only approved by the Municipality.

For the following awards, any resident of Józsefváros may nominate, but the final proposal will be made by the municipality or a jury or committee appointed by the municipality on the basis of the nominations received.

Citizen of Honour

The “Citizen of Honour Award” may be bestowed on a person or community of Hungarian or foreign nationality who has achieved general recognition for his/her outstanding work in the district, nationally or internationally, and has thus gained public esteem among the citizens of the district, and has contributed to the development and reputation of Józsefváros.

Józsefváros Cross of Honour

The "Józsefváros Cross of Honour" may be awarded to a Hungarian or foreign individual or an organisation that has performed an outstanding activity in the interests of Józsefváros, based on the entire life's work of the individual.

For Józsefváros

The "For Józsefváros" medal may be awarded to Hungarian and foreign individuals, legal entities and other bodies without legal personality who have performed outstanding activities in the development of the district, in any area of social, social, cultural and economic life.

Józsefváros Golden Wreath

The "Józsefváros Golden Wreath" is awarded to Hungarian individuals, legal entities and other bodies without legal personality who have been outstanding industrialists, traders, entrepreneurs and economic activities in the Józsefváros area for at least 5 years, who do not have any local tax or other debts to the Municipality, who do not have general public debts and who carry out their activities to a high standard and to the satisfaction of the population.

Erzsébet Guricsné Pásztor Prize

The Erzsébet Guricsné Pásztor Prize is awarded to natural persons and legal entities and organisations without legal personality for outstanding work in the field of physical education and sport. ATTENTION! Only the following persons/organisations may apply for this prize:

- heads of educational establishments in the district,

- heads of sports associations and federations in the district,

- leaders of the district's student sports organisations,

- 20 voters from the city of Józsefváros together

For the Culture of Józsefváros

The "For the Culture of Józsefváros" award may be given to a citizen or community who, through his/her activities and life's work, has made an outstanding contribution to the cultural life of Józsefváros and to the enrichment of its heritage.

You can submit your nomination for these awards until midnight on Wednesday 31 May 2023 by filling in the online form (Hungarian):

For the Communities of Józsefváros

In 2020, the "For the Communities of Józsefváros" award was launched, in recognition of the work in the interest of Józsefváros. It is awarded to civic and community organisations, private individuals, informal communities who have achieved outstanding results in their work for social justice, equality, inclusion, safety and environmental sustainability.

Any resident of Józsefváros can nominate for this award, and the winners will be chosen by public vote, open to all residents of Józsefváros. The public vote will start on 10 June after the nominations have been tallied. In the event of a tie in the public vote, the final decision will be taken by the competent committee of the municipality.

You can submit your nomination for these awards until midnight on Wednesday 31 May 2023 by filling in the online form (Hungarian):

The final decision for each prize is made by the assembly of district representatives. The awards are expected to be presented on 7 November 2023, the birthday of Józsefváros.

For a list of previous award winners, please visit:

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