Used cooking oil disposal in Józsefváros

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Frying in fat or oil is one of the most common cooking techniques today. However, repeated frying produces compounds in the frying oil that are harmful to the human body, so the fat should be replaced completely after a few fryings.

Used frying oil and frying fat that is not collected is spread on the surface of the water when it reaches the sewage treatment plant, causing great damage to the environment by preventing the purification of the waste water and preventing oxygen from flowing into the water. Once in the soil, it inhibits the permeability of the soil and prevents the water from rising to the surface by forming a barrier. If used cooking oil is disposed of in municipal waste, it will eventually end up in the soil or in the ground as a poorly biodegradable material. A litrer of cooking oil can pollute up to a million liters of water.

Used cooking oil collection points in Józsefváros

There are more and more places in Józsefváros where you can drop off used cooking oil. The map below shows where and when you can drop off used cooking oil for free in the district:

Collect used cooking oil in your own apartment building!

If you don’t want to take your used cooking oil out of your house, please note that Biofilter Zrt. provides a free used cooking oil collection service for condominiums.

How does the collection and disposal work?

Biofilter Zrt. will conclude a contract for the delivery service with the representative of the condominium linked to the programme.

Biofilter Zrt. will deliver the 60 liter collection drum with a lockable lid to the address provided, and will collect and replace it free of charge on request when it is full.

How to apply?

You can contact Biofilter Zrt. at or contact them using one of the contact details below:


toll-free number: 06 80 442 999

Would you like to provide a residential used oil collection point as a business?

If you would like to join the list of collection points in the district as a business, please contact us at

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