Harminckettesek tere will be transformed during this summer

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In summer 2023, the Harminckettesek tere will be transformed. Traffic will be changed, planters and seating areas will make the square more welcoming. RÉV8 is working to create a space that is more responsive to the needs of its users. If you are curious to see the plans for the experimental design, visit http://rev8.hu/harminkettesektere/ and sign up to the newsletter so you don’t miss the exact date of the construction.

For many, Harminckettesek tere is the gateway to Józsefváros. Nearly 10,000 people get off the tram 4-6 here every day, and more than 5,000 people get off at the bus stop on Baross utca. The same people also go home that day through the same stops. When you hear the name of the square, most people think of this transport hub, but no one knows exactly where it starts and how long it lasts. It is also common knowledge that there is a big statue here, but many people don’t know its history either.

Currently, there is not enough seating space on the square, and pedestrians crossing the crosswalk sometimes fight for their lives to get to the bus stop. The sculpture that defines the square stands in a fenced-off area, and the service road is occupied by parked cars, leaving very little space for people waiting for the bus. And it is very uncomfortable for people with strollers and wheelchairs to use the square.

The Municipality of Józsefváros would like to renew Harminckettesek tere, so it has assigned RÉV8 to plan the redesign of the square. First a quick, experimental design is underway. The pilot prototype is good because it will allow us to test the planned elements of the space quickly and cost-effectively. As these are not definitive solutions, if there are things that people like, we will keep them, if something is problematic or not used by the residents, we will get rid of it in the final design. The advantage of this is that before we spend hundreds of millions of forints on an investment, we test what works and what doesn’t.

The experimental redevelopment will eliminate vehicular traffic and parking on the service road and on the stretch of street behind the statue. This will widen the space and make it much safer for pedestrians. With the removal of vehicular traffic, wide ramps will be created alongside the pavement islands to allow unhindered access. New equipment will be installed at the bus stop to make waiting comfortable. Tables and chairs will be placed in the shade of the trees behind the statue.

The modifications will also change the circulation of vehicles. After the reconstruction, Kisfaludy utca will be accessible via Futó utca- Kis Stáció utca. Those who used to turn from Kisfaludy utca to Baross utca  can now do the same from Futó utca- Kis Stáció utca – Vajdahunyad utca.

In addition, RÉV8 and Józsefváros Museum are also preparing an interactive exhibition for the summer, where visitors can learn more about the history of the square and Baross utca. The exhibition will continue to grow and will include personal stories from local residents and workers.

The experimental design is expected to be completed in June, when the new traffic order will be introduced. To find out the exact date and follow the progress of the redevelopment, sign up to the RÉV8 newsletter at http://rev8.hu/hirlevel/. And if you have any questions about the new design, feel free to contact us at info@rev8.hu.

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