You decide! Vote in the 2023 participatory budgeting of Józsefváros!

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On May 15, 2023, the voting for the second Józsefváros participatory budgeting started. You have until June 15 to decide what the district should spend HUF 150 million on! All residents of Józsefváros over the age of 16 can vote online or in person.


After registering, you can vote on exactly here:

In person:

Look for our booths and Participation Points around the district during the voting period. During the voting period, we will organise a number of drop-in sessions where you can get to know the ideas in more detail. Up-to-date information on stalls and events will be posted on the Community Participation Office Facebook page.

You can also vote in person at the Mayor’s Office of Józsefváros Municipality (Baross u. 63-67.)!

From February to March 2023, 230 ideas were submitted by residents of Józsefváros, from which the Mayor’s Office staff and resident working groups selected the ones to be put on the ballot.  All the ideas submitted can be found here. Read about the selection process here.

What’s at stake?

The residents of Józsefváros will have the chance to decide the fate of 150 million HUF this year. The district has been divided into three zones and the voted ideas will be implemented by the municipality up to HUF 40 million per zone. We have set aside HUF 30 million for non-local projects that affect the whole district.

How many votes do I have?

You have 5 votes in total. Two of these can be used in your own district, one each in the other two districts and one for a district-wide idea.

What are the districts? How do I know which district I belong to?

In the process, we have divided Józsefváros into 3 districts. The ideas received were divided into these three districts according to where they were implemented. Once you have registered, we will determine which district you belong to based on the address you provide and you will be able to vote.

For more information, contact the Office of Community Participation,, +36 1/459-2139

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