Refreshment points and cooling options in Józsefváros

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During heat waves, the Municipality of Józsefváros will provide refreshment and cooling facilities in several places in the district.

Our staff has set up sun sails in the playgrounds (Teleki tér, Déri Miksa utca – Big ho-ho fishing playground, Tisztes utca, Golgota tér, Kálvária tér) and in the dog run on Teleki tér.

Drinking fountains have also been opened and are available in the following locations in the 8th district:

  •  Bláthy Ottó utca playground
  •   Brunszvik Julia tér
  •   FiDo
  •   Füvész-Tömő-Jázmin utca playground
  •   Golgota tér, dog run
  •   Golgota Square
  •   Gutenberg tér, playground
  •   Horváth Mihály tér, next to the playground
  •   Kálvária tér, playground
  •   Kálvária tér, small dog run
  •   Kálvária tér, by the sports equipment
  •   Leonardo da Vinci playground
  •   Leonardo da Vinci dog run
  •   Losonci tér, Illés utca side
  •   Losonci tér, playground (2 fountains)
  •   Mátyás tér, playground
  •   Mindszenty József tér
  •   Molnár Ferenc tér
  •   Muzsikus Cigányok Parkja
  •  Nagy ho-ho-ho horgász playground, Auróra utca
  •  Német utca playground
  •   Práter  utca 56.
  •   Práter utca 58.
  •   Rezső tér, next to the playground
  •   Rezső tér dog run
  •   Tbiliszi tér, playground
  •   Teleki tér, playground
  •   Teleki tér, dog run
  •   Playground on Tisztes utca
  •   Dog run on Tisztes utca

The district fountains have opened on Teleki tér, Mátyás tér and Golgota tér, and the fountains are also operating on Horváth Mihály tér, Kálvária tér and Mikszáth tér.

Also the vapor gates are open daily between 10.00 and 18.00:

  •   Gutenberg tér
  •   Horváth M. tér
  •   Kálvária tér, playground
  •   Losonci tér
  •   Teleki tér
  •   Golgota tér
  •   Tisztes utca playground
  •   Déri Miksa utca, in front of the playground
  •   Déri Miksa utca, in front of the surgery

If you see a non-functioning water fountain, a broken faucet, a fountain or a splash fountain, please report it on the Józsefváros Smart City app or by e-mail:

For information about the drinking fountains in the capital, visit

During the heat alarms, the Józsefváros Public Utilities Centre (JGK) will open its air-conditioned customer service offices at the following locations to welcome and cool down those who come in to escape the heat. These locations will be available for use only during office hours:

Parking Administration: customer service air-conditioned room at 17-19 German Street.

8 Őr utca (no air conditioning, only fan cooling).

The new municipal Customer Service Office at 66-68 Baross u. is also open and air-conditioned, and is open during opening hours to welcome customers who come in to escape the heat.

Among the district’s senior citizens’ clubs, air-conditioned rooms are open from 8.00 to 16.00 at Mátyás tér 4, Baross u. 109 and Víg u. 18.

JGK’s pavement cleaning machines are set to water in two shifts. The Municipal Utility’s sprinkler trucks are also patrolling the streets of the district.

Please note: never leave children or pets in a car parked on a hot day, as the temperature inside the car can rise above 70 degrees Celsius. If you see a child or a pet left in a car parked in the sun, call 112 immediately.

It is important to note that the risk of carbon monoxide formation can also increase in hot weather, as it can cause air pockets to form in the chimney. Cold air trapped in the chimney can cause the flue gas from heating water to flow back into the home, which can lead to tragedies. Where an open flue water heater is used, it is advisable to install a carbon monoxide detector to avoid such incidents.

Please take extra care to drink adequate amounts of fluids, stay out of hot sun and pay particular attention to elderly people, people with cardiovascular disease and young children.

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