The final plans for Horváth Mihály tér are completed – the first phase of construction will start in the summer of 2023

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The plans for the part of Horváth Mihály Square north of Baross utca (the area around the church) were completed by the end of 2022, followed by a public procurement procedure to find a contractor. The area to be regenerated is the square and the two road connections and intersections: Horváth Mihály tér – Baross utca and Őr utca – Tavaszmező utca – Horváth Mihály tér. The reconstruction will be carried out in two phases.

Phase 1 will cover the western side of the square, i.e. the area in front of the church and the area in front of the apartment building at 16 Horváth Mihály tér. The area next to and behind the church will be renovated in Phase 2.

In drawing up the final plans, the designers have taken into account the comments and suggestions received during the public consultation conducted by the Municipality in the autumn of 2021.

As a result, the final design plans have been modified, inter alia, as follows:

  • a traffic management system will be established to ensure safe and clear use of the area in front of the hotel;
  • maximum 4 taxis may stop to pick up passengers in the area in front of the hotel;
  • increase the number of bicycle parking spaces in the square, creating a total of 7 stands in the first phase and 8 stands in the second phase;
  • increase the green areas behind and next to the church;
  • improve pedestrian crossing conditions from the square to Tavaszmező utca and Őr utca;
  • the green area in front of the church has been slightly redesigned due to the sewer line running under the square, but the quantity and quality of the plants has not been significantly affected;
  • several types of paving stones are used, which are also suitable for cycling.

As a result of the development, a new promenade will be built in front of the buildings bordering the square to the north (hotel, residential buildings) and new trees will be added to the currently sparse tree line. The promenade will also provide a new, pleasant lobby and access to the hotel and the condominiums from the square, while providing access to the ground floor of the existing buildings. A catering function in the municipally-owned premises at 16 Horváth Mihály Square could help bring life to the new space. The promenade’s mature trees will be given a larger and greener living space. The square will feature ecological, wildflower green spaces running along the perimeter of the promenade, with seating areas alongside.

The statue of Péter Pázmány will remain in its current location, with a green space around it. The Christmas tree that is placed on the square every year will also remain. Parking will be eliminated everywhere in the church foyer, where a larger contiguous paved area will be created for community events (e.g. church functions), including a drinking fountain. Driveway access will be maintained for events and functions. There will be 4 taxi parking spaces adjacent to the promenade in front of the hotel. In Phase 2, the existing perpendicular parking lane will remain on the side of the church, with more green space.

In Phase 2, the parking lot and driveway adjacent to the church will be raised to sidewalk level to the intersection of Őr utca and Tavaszmező utca for a better pedestrian experience. In the regeneration area, 19 new trees will be planted (17 in Phase 1 and two in Phase 2) and 3 trees will be replanted.

If the tender for the Phase 1 renewal of the area in front of the church is successful, the works will start in July 2023 and are expected to be completed in February 2024.

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