Here are the winning ideas of the 2023 Józsefváros participatory budgeting!

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The voting for the Józsefváros Participatory Budgeting closed on June 15, 2023.

The votes cast online and in person have been tallied by the Municipality’s staff and members of the district working groups: nearly 1,500 residents of Józsefváros cast more than 6,600 votes during the voting period! 916 people voted online and 549 in person. 453 of the offline ballots were valid. This means that twice as many people took part in the participatory budgeting process this year than last year, and the number of people who voted in person nearly quadrupled compared to 2022. The order of the votes will determine which ideas the municipality will implement for a total of HUF 150 million.

All the winning ideas can be viewed here:

In Zone I (Palotanegyed, Csarnok negyed, and Corvin negyed, the following ideas will be implemented for a total of HUF 39.5 million:

  • Establishing drinking fountains in Józsefváros;
  • Accessibility of the Szent Kozma Józsefváros Health Centre;
  • Greening of Pál utca;
  • Dog friendly green lane in József utca.

In Zone II (Népszínház negyed, Magdolna negyed, Kerepesdűlő), the following ideas were voted for a total of HUF 37.3 million:

  • Greening of the Karácsony Sándor utca
  • Design of the reconstruction of the public space of the tram-train pair in Baross utca and the green lane;
  • Greening of Magdolna utca  between Dankó utca and Dobozi utca;
  • Seating areas on Népszínház utca and the Jenő Setét memorial bench;
  • Reconstruction of the Szerdahelyi utca public space.

Two ideas in Zone III (Losonci negyed, Orczy negyed, Ganz negyed, Tisztviselőtelep) fit into the budget:

  • Making Orczy tér more liveable;
  • Community garden in Zone III.

The planned costs of the first two (35 million HUF) were not covered by the budget of the zone, therefore an additional 5 million HUF will be allocated to the planned costs of the improvement of Orczy tér, so that the two ideas can be implemented in the zone with a total budget of 40 million HUF.

We have set aside HUF 30 million for non-place-specific, district-wide projects. Here are the winning ideas:

  • Public toilet campaign;
  • Spaying and neutering stray animals and setting up a stray animal support organisation in Józsefváros;
  • Street urinal;
  • Bird Friendly Józsefváros;
  • Fund for accessibility.

These five projects will be implemented in the district with a total of HUF 33.2 million.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the participatory budgeting process and voted to help us decide what to spend HUF 150 million on!

On July 21, at the final party of the participatory budgeting, we will celebrate all the people in the district who have been involved in the process: the idea contributors, the working group participants and the volunteers. We look forward to seeing you all on Friday, July 21, from 18:00 at Grund (30 Nagy Templom utca)! Facebook event:

The implementation of the winning ideas is expected to start after the decision of the City Council in July, and we will keep you informed on our websites: and

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