Construction will start soon at the Alföldi – Vay Ádám utca intersection

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The Józsefváros Municipality signed the contract with the winning contractor last week, so the intersection will soon be renewed. If you don’t want to miss the exact start of construction, sign up for the RÉV8 newsletter at

Within 30 days of the contract being signed, we will agree on the construction schedule with the contractor and the contractor will have to obtain the necessary permits to start the work. The exact start of construction will be announced on the spot, but you can also subscribe to the RÉV8 newsletter.

The aim of the design was to create as much green space as possible, cooling down the crossing and making it more pleasant for residents. The other important change is that Alföldi utca will become one-way towards Kun utca, so we want to calm traffic in the area.

The intersection will also feature 18 trees, rain gardens, playful stepping stones, a drinking fountain, waste bins and a green wall. We will relocate the mobi point, highlighting the junction for safe pedestrian traffic.

In 2020, we will temporarily transform the intersection of Alföldi-Vay Ádám Street in Népszínház utca to test what works and what doesn’t with low-cost equipment. We separated the square from Népszínház utca with a metal barrier, put out more flower boxes and painted the asphalt to make the square more welcoming. There were many lessons to be learned from this temporary design, which were also used in the design.

In 2022, the plans for the junction were completed and were open to public comment for two weeks. The majority asked for green spaces and trees, but they also stressed the need for the municipality to focus on maintenance. Based on the comments received, the designer has made further changes to the plans and the final design has been produced.

For more details on the suggestions received, read our article on the plans:

Construction will start later this summer, with an exact date to be announced soon. To see the plans, visit the RÉV8 website: And if you don’t want to miss the exact start of construction, sign up to the RÉV8 newsletter at

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