The Józsefváros Municipality is looking for apartments for sale!

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The goal of the Józsefváros Municipality is to continuously maintain and improve the municipal housing stock to best meet the needs of the residents of the district. Unfortunately, however, the majority of the housing owned by the municipality is of small size and low comfort. We want to change this. To do this, the Józsefváros Municipality would buy apartments from owners.

We welcome applications from those whose property for sale meets the criteria below:

  • the property is located in the VIII district,
  • the has at least two rooms (at least 12 m2 of living space with windows),
  • not located on the ground floor,
  • in a condition suitable for occupancy.

Do you have such a property and would you like to discuss its sale?

Fill in the form here:

Send the completed form, a floor plan of the property for sale and photos of the property to with the subject line LAKÁSVÁSÁRLÁS!

If your property is selected, the municipality will contact you!

For more information:

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