Residential-only parking in Palotanegyed – frequently asked questions

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The Municipality of Józsefváros has started to introduce Exclusive Residential Parking Zones, first in the Palotanegyed.

Parking is only available for those with a residential parking permit in up to 30% of the parking spots from 18.00 to 07.00.

The designation of 5 new concentrated loading areas (parking areas exclusively for loading activities) will also be started in the Palotanegyed.

In front of the Molnár Ferenc Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School in Somogyi Béla utca, so-called Kiss and Ride parking spots will be designated, which will alleviate the stopping problems of parents bringing their children to school by car.

How long will the Residents Only Parking be available?

Every day between 18.00-07.00.

On which streets and in which sections will there be Residents Only Parking?


  • Puskin utca 12-24
  • Bródy Sándor utca 14-24., 26-32., 34.
  • Szentkirályi utca 13-17. 22-26., 30-32/a
  • Vas utca 7-15/b, 17-21.
  • Kőfaragó utca 2-4.
  • Gyulai P. utca 3-13.
  • Stáhly utca 1-3.
  • Somogyi Béla utca 10-16., 18-24.
  • Kölcsey utca 2-6.
  • Krúdy Gyula utca 12-20.
  • Horánszky utca 2-12.
  • Mária utca 27-31.
  • Szilárd Rökk utca 23/a-33.
  • Békési utca 1-5.
  • Csepreghy utca 2-6.
  • Pál utca 4-8.

Where is it indicated that only residents can park in these places?

At the beginning of the streets at the intersections, there are signs and information posters will be placed on these posts during the implementation period.

What is the penalty, who checks?

The control will be carried out by the Józsefváros Public Space Supervisors. The Public Spaces Supervisors will file a complaint with the relevant police station against anyone who violates the ban.

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