New community garden opens in Józsefváros

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The Józsefváros Municipality is creating a new community garden at the corner of Kőris utca and Kálvária utca, where 40 plots are looking for a new owner.

If you would like to apply to become a bed host, please contact

“Grow your own fruit and vegetables in the city!”

With this call for gardeners, the Center for Contemporary Architecture (CEC) is looking for gardeners for the new community garden to be built on the toothbrush plot at the corner of Kőris utca and Kálvária utca. Construction is expected to start in the week of July 24 and will be completed later this year.

There will be 40 open-air plots and 4 raised beds. The latter will be offered to schools in Yossefváros to teach children how to garden. The garden will also include new trees and perennial beds. The garden will also include a community composting area, several picnic tables and a tool shed.

In the framework of the Magdolna-Orczy district social urban regeneration program, the Józsefváros Municipality, commissioned by KÉK, will also organize garden programs this year. They are also responsible for recruiting gardeners for the garden. The aim is that most of the new gardeners will be local residents. There will also be a semi-covered community space, where you can even cook with fresh ingredients from the garden. Last year’s asset management plan envisaged the site as a long-term green space, so the future of the community garden is assured.

And new play equipment will be installed in nearby Kálvária tér. There will also be a mini football pitch and a teqball table. A new drinking fountain will be installed in the dog run.

The development of the garden, the organization of community activities and the purchase of play equipment are part of the urban regeneration programme VEKOP-6.2.1-15-2016.-00013.

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