Construction starts at the Alföldi utca-Vay Ádám utca junction!

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In the week of 31 July 2023, the contractor will close the junction and construction will begin.

Our aim is to make the junction greener, safer, and more comfortable to use. The plans include planting 18 trees in the soil, perennial plant beds, rain gardens, green walls out of climbing plants, and installing seats and waste bins. After the construction, Alföldi utca will be a one-way street in the direction of Kun utca, and Vay Ádám utca will be reversed in the direction of Népszínház utca.

The construction is expected to last 3 months, followed by a 30-day technical handover process. During the reconstruction, the Alföldi utca-Vay Ádám utca junction will be closed. During the closures, vehicles and bicycles will not be allowed to enter the work area and parking will be prohibited. Therefore, please move your cars away from the closed sections beforehand.

Major traffic changes during the construction period: 

  • Alföldi and Vay Ádám utca will be closed from Népszínház utca.
  • Vay Ádám utca will be a dead end from II. János Pál pápa tér.
  • Alföldi utca will be a dead end from Kun utca.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation!

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