Do not throw away used cooking oil! –  Drop-free collection points in Józsefváros

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Do not throw away used cooking oil! -  Drop-free collection points in Józsefváros

Frying in fat or oil is one of the most common cooking techniques today.

However, repeated frying produces compounds in the frying oil that are harmful to the human body, so the fat should be replaced completely after a few fryings.

For used cooking oil, selective collection is of paramount importance: just one liter of used oil poured down the drain can pollute up to 100,000 liters of water.

The aim of proper collection is to prevent it from being discharged into drains, water, soil or even landfill, as it is extremely harmful. Used cooking oil can be recycled.

The collection and environmentally sound treatment of used cooking oil and cooking fat from the public is handled by several companies with environmental permits. Since September 2020, Biotrans Ltd. has been organising a collection program for used cooking oil from households under the name “CseppetSem!”, which is now successfully operating in more than 900 municipalities.

The aim of the “CseppetSem!” scheme is to minimise the effort of the population to dispose of this type of waste in an environmentally friendly way.

The advantage of the system is that used cooking oil and cooking fat do not have to be poured into the collection container, but can be placed in a PET bottle or jar. (It is not a problem if the bottle breaks, because the contents can still be retrieved from the collection container.)

Waste is removed by replacing the bin instead of simply emptying it, so a new, cleaned and disinfected bin is placed at the collection point each time.

The Municipality of Józsefváros has decided to have Biotrans Ltd. install a collection container of the appropriate size, specially designed for the collection of used cooking oil, at the location designated by the Municipality.

The list of collection points in Józsefváros (the list may be continuously updated):

  • Teleki tér Market (Teleki László tér 11.)
  • Józsefváros Kindergartens (headquarters kindergarten) (Tolnai Lajos utca 7-9.)
  • Hétszínvirág Day Nursery (Kun utca 3.)
  • Dandelion Day Care Centre (1087, Százados út 14.)
  • Daisy Day Nursery (1084, Szűz utca 2.)
  • Flower Rosary Day Nursery (1083, Baross utca 91.)
  • Children’s Garden Nursery (1082, Nagy Templom utca 3.)

Collection points on the map:

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