What should Harminckettesek tere look like?

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What should Harminckettesek tere look like

We will soon present the new plans for Harminckettesek tere, based on feedback from the past months and observations from RÉV8. In the meantime, based on the lessons learned from the experimental design, we will be cleaning three times a day and increasing our on-site inspection. At the end of October, we will restore the original traffic order and the original design of the square. In November, Józsefváros residents will have the chance to decide what kind of Harminckettesek tere they want in the future.

Why is Harminckettesek tere important for the district?

This year, the Municipality of Józsefváros decided to prepare plans for the transformation of the Harminckettesek tere. Over the last decades, have been created safe, green, liveable neighbourhoods in Józsefváros. One such area is the Palotanegyed, from the Szabó Ervin tér to Mikszáth tér and Lőrinc Pap tér. This will continue with the soon to be renewed Krúdy utca. But also Mátyás tér or Corvin sétány. We would also like to include the Harminckettesek tere.

The district has taken on the task of connecting these renewed public spaces to make the centre of Józsefváros a coherent, walkable, modern, green and likeable place, where people do not want to move on quickly, but where it is nice to arrive.

Everyone needs a healthy, liveable, safe environment. By transforming our public spaces, we want to build a Józsefváros where this can happen. Public spaces dominated by cars are unhealthy, noisy, destructive, unsafe and leave no space for other activities.

Why was the experimental transformation of the space important?

We are still working on a comfortable walking route from the city centre to Corvin negyed and Magdolna negyed. The transformation of Horváth Mihály tér is already underway, and Krúdy utca will soon be started. The next step will be the renewal of the Harminckettesek tere. Because of the scale of the task, it cannot be done all at once. We started in small steps, with a temporary, experimental design where we could test how the square would work when people started using it instead of cars. We have used this experience to draw up plans that could be ready for implementation next year.

What has happened in the last three months? What feedback have we received?

In June, we started an experiment that releaved a lot about the use of space. RÉV8 staff spoke to a total of 56 people over two stall visits. They also spent 1-1.5 hours every day for three weeks out in the square, mapping what was happening. They observed that the new public furniture is constantly being used by people, especially the movable chairs and the bus stop benches. The feedback was that many people were happy with the plant beds, but at the same time people would need much more green space.

It was also clear that the perception of the transformed Harminckettesek tere was mainly intertwined with issues of public cleanliness, public safety and homelessness. It is important to stress that these problems cannot be solved by public space redevelopment. Homelessness is a very complex social problem, which the Municipality of Józsefváros is trying to reduce through active housing and social policies, but it certainly cannot be solved alone. A very strong state involvement would be needed, which is completely lacking in Hungary at the moment. As the Józsefváros Municipality considers homelessness as a social and housing problem and homeless people as the most vulnerable victims of the severe housing crisis, we consider it important to show as much empathy as possible towards our fellow homeless people. Everyone has the right to use public spaces, and we want as many people as possible, regardless of their housing situation, to use these spaces as long as they obey the law and do not harm or threaten others.

We would like to see the continuation of successful urban development projects in Józsefváros, such as the popular Déri Miksa utca renewal. Therefore, based on our experience, we have already intensified and increased the frequency of the cleaning of the Harminckettesek tere in recent weeks and will increase the number of on-site inspections next month. We want to show how liveable this square can be if we take care of it.

What should Harminckettesek tere look like? The decision is in the hands of Józsefváros residents!

It is important for the municipality to make a decision together with the people of Józsefváros about what the square should look like. Over the next month (October 2023), we are asking the users of the square to take note of the changes they experience. Join us in testing the space, looking at it with an open and inclusive mind, so that when it comes time to give your opinion on the plans and the future of the space in November, you can make an informed decision.

We will also be visiting the residents of the houses on the square in person, but residents and passers-by will also be able to give their opinions online about the past months and the concept plans for the square that will be ready by then.

Among other things, we will be asking you to decide whether you would like to see more cars on the square in the future, or whether you would prefer more trees and a more comfortable bus stop. Based on the experience of the past months, we are designing a square that we believe is worthy of the Harminckettesek tere, green and pedestrian-friendly. We believe in this direction, but the decision is up to the people of Józsefváros!

What will happen in the next 2 months?

The end of October 2023 – end of the experimental design

November 2023 – the pre-June traffic order will be restored

From the middle of November to middle of December 2023 – evaluation of the experimental design and opinion on new plans

January 2024 – the Municipality of Józsefváros evaluates the results and decides on the future of the Harminckettesek tere

On 20 October, Rév8 will be organising a chess party in the Harminckettesek tere. Everyone is welcome to come and learn the basics of chess or to play a good chess party in the square. You can read about the event at the link below

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