Winter square wonderland in Józsefváros – Let’s get in the mood for the celebrations together on Horváth Mihály Square!

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Winter square wonderland in Józsefváros - Let's get in the mood for the celebrations together on Horváth Mihály Square!

Józsefváros Ice Rink

Opening: 30 November 2023, Thursday 16:00.

Open every day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (except 24 December, 31 December and 1 January 2024) until 31 January 2024. The ice rink is free of charge for residents of the district with a residence card.

Non-district residents can use the rink for for HUF 400 under 140 cm, and for HUF 600 over 140 cm.

Skate rental for children and students (with student card) is 400 HUF, for adults is 600 HUF. During the winter holidays, from 22 December to 7 January, free skate use is provided for students of Józsefváros under 14 years of age.

Larger groups or classes can book the rink on weekday mornings. (Registration does not imply exclusive use of the rink.) If you arrive with a group from outside Józsefváros, the fee for using the rink is 500 HUF/person for groups over 10 people.

You can register at the Event Management Office of JKN Zrt., Event8 by email: or by phone: Boglárka Sín 06 70 641 3114 or Eszter Oláh 06 70 265 1834 on weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Registration is not possible on the spot, thank you for your understanding.


Józsefváros straw bale scene

We welcome you at Horváth Mihály Square Józsefváros straw bale scene from 24-26 November for our Advent/pre-Advent programmes, and during the four weekends of Advent for our Advent programmes.

On the last weekend of Advent there will be only candle-lighting on Saturday 23rd from 17:00.

The candle-lighting will take place at the Advent wreath on the playground in Horváth Mihály Square.

🕯️ Advent/preceding

📅 Friday 24 November

🌟 16:30 Mesemondák folk band: game and concert

A not quiet, not sitting, sometimes loud song-meeting inviting participants to play together.

🌟 18:00 Polnauer Flóra & Bélabábend – concert

Jazz, klezmer and a little hiphop, the songs are blended in Bélabá’s melody-kitchen.

📅 Saturday 25 November

🌟 11:00 Szeleburdi Story Theatre: Oh, how good the plum dumplings are!

In the house of Panka Bögre there’s a big plum dumpling party, but none of the chefs and cooks know the recipe. Everything has turned upside down in the orchestra kichen.

🌟 16:00 Batyu Theatre: Bodza and the oak tree

Bodza meets what’s living in Grandma’s garden. Next to the stuttering owl, the snot caterpillar or the knocking woodpecker, at first the giant oak tree seems like a boring companion.

🌟 18:00 Czutorok – concert

Zoli Czutor and his family started making music videos in their home. The house joy band has grown into a full orchestra, with the help of members of Belmondo.

📅 Sunday 26 November

🌟16:00 Kontha Nelli: Playful Paper Theatre

Fairy-tale heroes emerge from a magical box, while the audience becomes a part of the game.

🌟18:00 Bujdosó János – solo concert

An emblematic figure of the Hungarian underground is a master of musical experimentation. His solo concerts are loosely planned, sing-songy improvs and are never boring: it’s all life-like.

🕯️ First weekend of Advent

📅 Friday 1 December

🌟 16:30 Boridalok: Hello, Santa Claus!

Melodious poems with games for the younger age group. But the world music, sometimes jazz, will be great fun for the whole family.

🌟 18:00 Macskin – concert

The sensuality of classical music, the naturalism of folk music, the freedom of improvisation and the freshness of electronics are mixed in their concerts. The members of the band have proven their skills from China to the United States.

📅 Saturday 2 December

🌟 11:00 Molnár Szabolcs – mentalist magician

The stunts range from the world of mathematics to telepathy. We experience Szabolcs reading our minds and then engaging everyone in the show.

🌟 16:00 Batyu Theatre: Feast of the grumpy badger

Our hero likes to sleep instead of making presents, and when he is woken up, he gets very grumpy. Will we manage to get the badger in the mood for the holidays?

🌟 18:00 Eszter Takáts duo

Eszter expands her musical boundaries with new partners and new instruments. They come to Straw bale scene with József Pécsi’s percussion section.

📅 Sunday 3 December

🌟 From 13:00 Santa Claus in Stilt’s and Spaceland Fairy on the square

The Santa Claus of the square walks on stilts, is accompanied by a fairy instead of a krampus, loves to play and gives presents to everyone.

🌟 16:00 Kreatív Kráter Kör: Fire juggler spaceland magic

This dramatic, ritualistic fire dance builts a bridge between elements of mystical beliefs and modern day candle lighting. The spectacular show will amaze children and their chaperones.

🌟 17:00 Candle lighting

🌟 18:00 Bori Orbán Trio – concert

The chanson soundscape will be played in a jazzy, sometimes swinging instrumentation at the festive concert of the captivating singer and her bandmates.

🕯️ Second weekend of Advent

📅 Friday 8 December

🌟 16:30 Mesekocsi Theatre: The shivering king

His court, his forest, his country, and even the visitors to his straw bale theatre are sorry for the king’s shivering. What is it that will warm his body and soul?

🌟 18:00 Kaptza – concert

No one else pulls Hungarian folk music so modern and youthful. A well-developed knowledge, sensitive crossover cleverly served.

📅 Saturday, 9 December

11:00 Trambulin Theatre: baby Jesus – a gingerbread nativity story

Live music, joy and devotion, just like they used to do going from house to house.

🌟 16:00 Batyu Theatre: a whimsical Szekler tale

A man has a problem with his beloved woman, because not only her clothes are spinning, but also her tongue.

🌟 18:00 Petruska András – concert

The songs almost play themselves, with energies that exist only there, only then.

📅 Sunday, 10 December

🌟 16:00 Batyu Theatre: The Ingenious Girl

Can a village girl outsmart King Matthias? How does a time traveller end up at Matthias’ court?

🌟 17:00 Candle lighting

🌟 18:00 Kucu Band – concert and dance

Authentic Roma folk songs from the Carpathian Basin.

🕯️ Third weekend of Advent

📅 Friday 15 December

🌟 16:30 Bogár Muzsika band – concert

Musical and fairytale browsing in world music with children, not only for children.

🌟 18:00 Ágoston Béla QRtet – concert

Afro, fusion and funky sounds of the 70s in a modern guise, decorated with free elements.

📅 Saturday 16 December

🌟 11:00 Mesekocsi Theatre: Let’s go to Bethlehem together

Shepherd, king and and the shepherd’s assistant go in search of baby Jesus with gifts. They are guided by a star, but they wouldn’t get there without the children’s help.

🌟 16:00 Batyu Theatre: Mother Holle

Gertrude is evil, Rosalie is gentle and helpful. The story of the stepsisters is told with puppets, gloves and live acting.

🌟 18:00 Nagy Zoárd Quartet – concert

We can never find the place we started from, but our chanting is fuelled by fond memories and we share the joy of time spent together. We wish you a  merry Christmas to the forest dwellers with a square round programme, Christmas travelling songs!

Bori Magyar – vocals, ukulele, Katica Magyar – vocals, rattles, Ádám Móser – accordion, Béla Ágoston – vocals, bagpipes, steel drum, fujara, horn, percussion gardon, tilinkó

📅 Sunday 17 December

🌟 16:00 Cserregő Bábtársulás: Tövisdisznó

Do you hear, wife? We’ll go to the church, you from below, me from above, and whoever finds a dog, a cat, or a bird, will bring it home and it will be our child!

🌟 17:00 Candle lighting

🌟 18:00 Kravaiar – concert

A jazz-pop take on folk music.

🕯️ Fourth weekend of Advent

📅 Saturday 23 December

🌟 17:00 Candle lighting

We reserve the right to change the programme.


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