Budapest100 in Józsefváros again!

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The Municipality of Józsefváros is joining the Budapest100 program again this year.

The highly successful civic festival in the capital city, which marks its 11th anniversary, opens up the houses that were built, rebuilt and handed over after the First and Second World War – between 1921 and 1930 and 1945 and 1957 – together with the community of people who live and work there, in order to make a reference to the hope of life after the pandemic.

On the weekend of September 11 and 12, the following locations in Józsefváros can be visited during the event. The event is supported by the Municipality of Józsefváros.

•    Corvin köz 1.: Corvin Mozi (Corvin Cinema)

•    Fiumei út 19/a: Nyugdíjbiztosítási Székház (Central Administration of National Pension Insurance)

•    Magdolna utca 5–7.: Vasas Szakszervezeti Szövetség (Hungarian Metalworkers’ Federation)

•    Stróbl Alajos utca 7. (Hős utca 4.)

•    Víg utca 22.

The programs are organised in cooperation with JKN Zrt. All programs are free of charge.

All of the programs in Józsefváros can be found here:

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