The plans of Déri Miksa utca are completed

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It is important for our public areas to be not only nice but also safe and green.

At the beginning of 2020, Józsefváros Municipality decided to create a pedestrian friendly walkway with new functions on Déri Miksa utca between Nagy Fuvaros and Fecske utca. The process now enters a new stage. The final design and visual presentations are ready. The procurement procedure is ongoing at the moment. Once the winner is chosen, the Municipality will enter into a contract with the contractor and the construction may begin.The renovation plans were created in collaboration with the residents in a multi-stage process because the aim of the Municipality was to create a walkway in Csarnok negyed which is considered as their own both by residents and by employees working here, a place they all can feel proud of. The design integrally includes the Nagy Ho-ho-horgász playground and previously enclosed green areas of the Józsefvárosi Szent Kozma Egészségügyi Központ.

As a result of social planning there will be a sunny and shady garden, chess table, refreshing points and lots of green space. A guardhouse will be built next to the playground to ensure a safer and more usable public space. There will be a public toilet in the building and parts of the playground will be redesigned into an outdoor gym. As per the request of residents, there will also be a bower serving as a common meeting point. Creating a public space which offers long term solution to climate change was of high importance during the planning. A part of rainwater will not be conducted into the drainage channels but onto the green areas to enhance water management of the ground which cools down the city by evaporation and decreases watering needs. The light colored stones used for the pavement warm up less during the summer and there will be refreshing points and water fountains in the street as well to make the heat more bearable.

Even compared to the original plans, the pavements will be much wider in the renovated street, the speed of cars will reduce and the green areas will expand. 59 trees will be planted and an area of 1360 m2 green area will be created. We consider it important to plant plants in order to extend biodiversity. Our aim with this is to contribute to a street closer to nature which is more resistant to the effects of climate change.

Citizens’ life are very much determined by the streets and squares the pass by each day. It feels good to cross narrow streets during our walks. Walking home under the shadow of trees on a summer afternoon feels more pleasant than walking on hot asphalt emitting heat under our feet. Summers are becoming warmer and dryer, the air is more polluted and draining rainwater is more and more challenging. A 21st century city has to find a solution to these problems because not doing so on the short-term our neighborhood will become unlivable. It is important for our public areas to not only be nice but also safe and green, more sustainable and popular to use among residents These were the points we kept in mind during the designing of Déri Miska utca.

The finalized plans for the walkway are available at

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