The renovation of Déri Miksa utca starts

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From June 20, 2022 the part of Déri Miksa utca between Nagy Fuvaros utca and Fecske utca is closed and the renovation starts. The construction is expected to take 4 months.

At the beginning of the construction, one further part of the street will be closed every week. First, the part of the street between Nagy Fuvaros utca and Fecske utca will be closed and, the following week, this part will be extended with the one between Fecske utca and Tolnai Lajos utca. One further week later, this part will be further extended with the part between Tolnai Lajos utca and Víg utca and, finally, 4 weeks later, the part between Víg utca and Német utca will also be closed. By about mid-June, all parts of the street will be closed between Nagy Fuvaros utca and Német utca and construction will be carried out in all work areas. During most of the construction work, the crossroads will be passable by car, and pedestrian traffic will be provided everywhere. Each crossroad will be closed one by one and will be returned to traffic as soon as the works are completed. The closures will also be indicated by traffic signs, please pay attention to them.

During the closure, no vehicles are allowed to enter the work area and parking is not possible, so please move your cars away from the closed parts. The Ho-ho-ho playground will be closed during the renovation. The Józsefváros Szent Kozma Egészségügyi Központ will be accessible from Aurora or Nagy Fuvaros utca. Construction is expected to be completed in autumn 2022.

To keep up to date with the news of the renovation, please join the Facebook group Megújuló Déri Miksa utca.

For more information about the plans of the renovation and for the design plans, visit

If you have any question about the construction, contact us via e-mail ( or telephone (+36203326163) on working days between 9am and 4pm.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.

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