Roma Holocaust Memorial Day Vigil

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Date: Tuesday, August 2, 2022, 8.30 pm

Venue: Teleki tér

On Roma Holocaust (porajmos in Romani language) Memorial Day the world remembers the Roma victims who were tortured and exterminated in concentration camps during WWII. The ethnic cleansing among the Roma people dates back to 1935, when the Nuremberg Race Laws, aimed at the Jews, were extended to the Roma people as well.

The Roma were held captive in the ‘Gypsy Camp’ at Auschwitz-Birkenau that the Nazi SS had attempted to liquidate on May 16, 1944, but the Roma captives resisted. Since then, May 16 is marked as the Roma Resistance Day. Following the resistance, the SS soldiers eliminated the camp on the night of August 2 to August 3, killing 3 to 4 thousand Roma people. Last year, we planted flowers in the shape of the gypsy flag on Teleki tér. This year, we invite everyone to our commemoration and vigil at the same place.


  • By the gypsy flag planted of flowers last year: The Gypsy Anthem is sung by Attila Balogh, Balázs Balogh and Lili Balogh, accompanied on guitar by  Elemér Puporka (Dromara Band)
  • Speech by Mayor András Pikó
  • “Condemned to extermination”, performed by: Csilla Berki, Attila Bogdán, Norbert Horváth, with the effects of Elemér Puporka
  • “My Saint”, performed by actress Andrea Fullajtár
  • “Auschwitz Ballad”, performed by Zsuzsi Gulyás (Dromara Band), accompanied on guitar by Elemér Puporka (Dromara Band)
  • Screening of the movie “Darinka”

Let us remember together!

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