Have some pancakes with us at Bacsó!

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What are we offering?

You can vote for the first participatory budgeting of the history of Józsefváros until 24 July. Let’s have some pancakes together at the opened section of Bacsó Béla utca from 10 am on Saturday, 23 July, the day before the closing of the votes. Let’s celebrate each other and ourselves, have breakfast together or take the last chance to vote for the participatory budgeting.

What are we offering?

pancakes! – summer vibes – discussions about participation, community – board games – presentation of the participatory budgeting’s ideas

What should you bring?

Feel free to come alone, with your family or with friends

You can bring pancakes, or ingredients for pancakes – but even if you don’t, we will offer you some!

We are looking forward to meet you.

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