2nd Józsefváros Jazz Festival – September 16-18. 2022.

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In 2021, Józsefváros launched a multi-day district jazz festival with the aim of creating a tradition, paying tribute to the local traditions of the genre and providing an opportunity to meet as many of the jazz musicians of the future as possible.

Many of our world-famous jazz musicians were born, live and have lived in Józsefváros, and have gone on to world fame, promoting Hungarian culture through jazz music.

Entire generations of musicians have grown up in the district, it is almost a topos that Józsefváros is the district of gypsy musicians. In the seventies, the jazz scene, which also started to take off in Hungary, became more and more important in the cultural life of the district, and in the eighties the first jazz clubs were opened.

The mix of different cultures, nationalities, languages and traditions is a defining feature not only of the 8th district, but of Budapest, Hungary and Central Europe as a whole.

It is this colourful cavalcade that gives a special flavour and atmosphere to our everyday life and our celebrations. Jazz is the characteristic expression of all this, fusing differences into a harmonious whole, but preserving individual flavours and, like all music, creating community. The need for togetherness, harmony, shared experience, the experience of boundlessness through music, is ever greater.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce the 2nd Józsefváros Jazz Festival, which will take place between 16-18 September 2022 at Rákóczi Square and the Rákóczi Square Hall.

Almost all styles of jazz, from the best-known, world-famous to the newcomers, will be represented in the programme.

Come and celebrate jazz and Józsefváros together for the second time!


Friday, September 16.

16:00 East Gipsy | Rákóczi tér

17:00 Szakcsi Lakatos Róbert Quartet | Rákóczi tér hall

18:00 Guard Kiss Botond Septet | Rákóczi Square

19:00 Oláh Kálmán Quartet | Rákóczi Square Hall

20:00 Canarro | Rákóczi Square

21:00 Éles Gábor Trio | Rákóczi Square Hall

Saturday, September 17.

16:00 Oláh Kálmán Next Generation Quartet | Rákóczi tér

17:00 Rafael Márió Trio | Rákóczi tér Hall

18:00 Balázs Elemér Group | Rákóczi tér

19:00 Tzumo Trio Feat Szabó Gabi | Rákóczi tér hall

20:00 Sauropoda | Rákóczi Square Hall

21:00 Gentry Sultan | Rákóczi tér

Sunday, September 18.

16:00 Krisztián Oláh and Bálint Gyémánt | Rákóczi tér

17:00 Oláh Dezső trio | Rákóczi tér hall

18:00 Afium trio | Rákóczi tér

19:00 Mario Mariani and Daniela Spalletta | Rákóczi tér hall

20:00 Amoeba | Rákóczi tér

21:00 Kinetic Erotic | Rákóczi Square Hall

More info: jazzfestival.jozsefvaros.hu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/6191922480834609

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