Join the Christmas donation campaign in Józsefváros!

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The Christmas period is the happiest time of the year for the lucky ones, and it is especially important this year, in the current critical situation.

We all know Christmas is not a carefree time for people living under difficult conditions.

Józsefváros Municipality follows its traditions and organizes the collection of donations asking the community of the district to support our needy members to make Christmas special for them too.

Our goal is to put food on the festive table and Christmas presents under the tree for children whose parents cannot afford it.

Last year your donations helped many single people and families thanks to the solidarity of Józsefváros residents.

Let us show we can make Christmas happy for all members of the community.

What are we collecting?

  • Non-perishable food
  • Toys (in original packaging for reasons of hygiene)

When are we collecting?

From November 28 until December 13, 2022.

Where and when can you contribute?

Collection points:

  1. Józsefváros Municipality Mayor’s Office
    • Address: 1082 Budapest, Baross utca 63-67.
    • Opening hours: Monday: 8:15 am-6 pm | Tuesday: 8:15 am-4 pm | Wednesday: 8:15am-4:30 pm | Thursday: 8:15 am-4 pm
  2. H13 Integrated Community and Service Space
    • Address: 1085 Budapest, Horánszky utca 13.
    • Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 8 am-7 pm
  3. Kesztyűgyár Community House
    • Address: 1084 Budapest, Mátyás tér 15.
    • Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 8 am-7 pm
  4. Kastner Kommunity
    • Address: 1081 Budapest, II. János Pál pápa tér 8.
    • Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 8 am-6 pm; Saturday: 9 am-4 pm

How do the donations get to the needy?

As in earlier years, the Józsefvárosi Szociális Szolgáltató és Gyermekjóléti Központ (JSzSzGyK) is forwarding the donations to the needy of the district.

Further information:

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